Wednesday, March 11, 2009

8664 And You: The Future of Transportation

Tyler Allen is electric, and if you ever get the chance to listen to him speak, listen closely. Allen fronts the group known as 8664. He went toe-to-toe with Tim Hagerty tonight at the monthly meeting of the Metro Democratic Club. Hagerty is an attorney with Frost Brown Todd, LLC (Jerry Abramson's former employer), and represents the Bridges Coalition. Hagerty is a nice guy. But Allen is clearly more enthusiastic and, in my opinion, has a better idea.

The plan to expand Spaghetti Junction will produce a highway that is 23 lanes wide at a cost of nearly $2 billion dollars. The thick slab of super-road will also encroach into a wide swath of the Butchertown neighborhood. 8664 believes the East End bridge, which was proposed decades ago, should be built along with a visionary, surface level parkway that would replace the elevated I-64 that currently cuts downtown off from the waterfront . The Bridges Coalition believes both a downtown and an East End bridge should be built along with the gigantic, expensive expansion of the junction. The Bridges Coalition also sees no problem with I-64 as is.

Tyler Allen represents what could be. Hagerty represents the status quo.

The following is a clip by 8664 that was shown at the meeting:

There has not been much discussion on this issue in Southwest Louisville, but there is a definitive need for one because, sooner or later, you will be affected by the bridges project in a way you may not like. The discussion touched lightly on the side-issue of a "tolling authority". This authority, which appears to be on a fast track in the General Assembly, would initiate tolls on roads and bridges as a way to help pay for them. The tolling authority would be appointed by the mayor, and would not only have the power to initiate tolls on any new bridges, but would have the power to initiate tolls on bridges that are currently in use that have already been paid for . How much are you willing to spend to get to Bass Pro Shops, Horseshoe Casino or Sportsdrome Speedway? We may be close to finding out. Look out for 8664 and Tyler Allen, and take a moment to consider this revolutionary, lower cost proposal.


  1. The 8664 concept is the only option.

    I have never figured out where this 2nd bridge idea came from or why? We can sit, say nothing and allow silliness prevail or support 8664. Come on SW county take a position!

  2. The idea, according to Tyler Allen, was spawned after the group known as River Fields went nuts and decided a downtown bridge was more necessary than an east end one. Some empty heads were put together and decided both bridges should be built along with the massive junction expansion.

    Southwest Louisville really does have a stake in this, as does every portion of the city. Let's hope common sense and decency prevails.
    It is the best way.