Friday, March 27, 2009

Why Did The Chicken Paint The Road?

I've written about a lot of things since I started this blog, but I cannot remember one scandal that smelled as bad as what the mayor has cooked up this time: A report in Business First today details plans by KFC to fill potholes in Louisville roads, then "stamp" the repair with a KFC marketing logo. That means advertisements on the road surface. And to think city officials were upset with the big fish at Pepper Tackle or the palm trees at Hooters. Once again, the harshest criticism must be reserved for the mayor. He allowed this shameful atrocity in the name of "tight budgets". Here's a snippet from the article:
“Budgets are tight for cities across the country, and finding funding for needed road repairs is a continuing challenge,” Louisville Metro Mayor Jerry Abramson said in the release. “It’s great to have a concerned corporation like KFC create innovative private/public partnerships like this pothole refresh program.”
Words cannot properly express how disappointed I am in the people that approved this idea or thought it would be widely accepted by the citizenry. There must be a state law governing this activity. If there isn't one, then perhaps there should be. This is not beautification. This is distracting graffiti, masquerading as advertising, being laid down by people who should be sticking to cooking chicken instead of doing road repairs.

My advice for every small business owner in Louisville would be to get a crew and start filling potholes on your own. Make sure you stamp your business' logo on the road in bright white. Call me and I will take pictures and write the story for you. Better yet, call 311 and complain before this nonsense takes over the streets.


  1. What kind of City of Possibilities are we working toward? We have graffitti on our pavement, but it is ok because they paid to do it. We plan illegal light shows in other cities. But the mayor's spokesman said "We think out of the box here." What box is that? A KFC box?

  2. So, if we have a problem with Louisville Water do we call on CocaCola. If we with MSD do we have Roto-Rooter fix the problem. The new city mascot should be the Energizer Bunny. The BS keeps going on and on and on.

  3. I am sorry to say that corporate branding of cities has been going on for some time now. The Official Cell Phone of. . .

    Where it becomes really sticky is when these "benefactors" begin having a role in daily operations, supplementing salaries and other silliness.

  4. I think I'll start filling potholes with a combo of KFC mashed potatoes and KFC mac/cheese (the recipe for Portland cement, btw), then stamp an ad for Louisville History & Issues right there. :)

  5. LMAO at all of you!

    I know that Tucker & Magruder are dyed-in-the-wool Democrats who support those who keep Abramson propped up: Henderson, Blackwell, Welch, et. al.

    You clowns then rail aboult Abramson's misdeeds as if he's doing this without support.


    Al Capone & John Gotti had to have a supporting cast to get away with what they did.

    Abramson's supporting cast INCLUDES Blackwell, Henderson, Welch, and all those DEMOCRATS who aid and abet them.

    Want proof?

    The Southwest Dream Team recently had their "Welcome to Southwest Louisville" banner sign "dedicated" and it was a political show to the max!

    All the politicos (DEMS all!) waxed loud and proud about this banner's meaning, yet not one of them will follow through with any meaningful action that actually aids the Southwest.

    You're NOT gonna get any meaningful change by keeping Abramson's team in power.

  6. Whining about the southwest community and its leaders accomplishes nothing. Come back when you have something of substance to offer.

  7. I agree. The whining "anonymous" above (AKA "A Real Progressive", AKA "A South Ender", AKA "The REAL MCCoy") has nothing to contribute to the south end or society in general. He seems to only be capable of leaving negative comments on other people's blogs and offers nothing in the way of constructive thoughts or actions. A shame, really.

    The Southwest Dream Team's banner is a step in the right direction and is one of the many positive things going on in Southwest Louisville. The Dream Team is primarily made up of members of area business associations. The fact that no Metro Republicans showed up for the banner unveiling only speaks to the undying negativity that defines who they really are.

    Thanks to the rest of you for commenting.

  8. That's my point, BOYS!


    They're all Abramson sycophants.

    So, the Southwest Dream Team has hung ONE banner.


    What POSITIVE change will it actually bring?
    I know those who waxed so eloquently HOPE that it will bring positive change.
    It makes a few people FEEL good for a short while.

    But unless the politicos decide to make things happen, Nothing will ever change, especially with the likes of you guys who are 1st class enablers. All of you constantly defend those who prevent good things from happening to my Southwest.

    Not a single one of you have the 'nads to stand up to these politicos and compel them to deliver the goods.

    But yet you attempt to discredit someone who disagrees with your inane blogging.

    I've seen those like you for more than 15 years hamper, stymie, and thwart REAL PROGRESS in the Southwest through your blind loyalty to some politico. Since the DEMS have steadfastly held sway, then those who support them are DEMS, just like you.

    You all always talk the talk, but never, ever walk the walk. All for loyalty to the political "cause" of the day.

  9. What as asshole.Why dont you put your name on your post big guy? You are the kind of person that embarrasses the south end. Do us a favor and drown your children GOD FORBID you have any.

    Donnie Jackson

  10. Donnie -

    Thank you very much for proving my point.

    None of you have the 'nads to compel those in power to deliver the goods. Instead, you attack those who criticize your lack of courage.

  11. Like I said POST YOUR NAME HOTSHOT. Maybe you dont have the BALLS?

    Donnie Jackson