Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring is Block Watch season

Spring has arrived in its usual fashion, complete with 80 degree days followed by an unrelenting thunderstorm followed by 40 degree days, massive flooding and property damage.

Tree limbs are scattered about and your gutters are probably clogged with debris from those damned water maples, but it's all normal. So is what usually follows.

Now is the time of year to begin thinking seriously about the security of your neighborhood. School will be out soon and warmer evening temperatures will arrive, bringing temptation to the idle minds that will undoubtedly be wandering the streets.

Lock up your things and look out for each other. Take some pride in your community. Last year, break-ins and thefts from cars reached epidemic levels in Southwest Louisville. Now is the time to organize your neighbors and get to work to secure your property.

To get more information, or to put together a block watch in your neighborhood, contact LMPD at 502-574-7427.

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