Friday, December 31, 2010

Big trouble - Soon come: Happy New Year 2011 Edition

"So let's drink to Kentucky, way out in the east, where a woman's ass and a whiskey glass made a horse's ass of me.”

Governor Beshear
Tonight is "amateur night" at parties and bar rooms all over Louisville. Places like the venerable Phoenix Hill Tavern will, at the stroke of midnight, have its restrooms coated with vomit by the uninitiated.

It takes years of practice to learn how to celebrate appropriately on New Year's Eve and by the time one is old enough to actually do so, the whole idea of going out has lost its luster.

I have not been out in years. Mostly because of the constant threat of police roadblocks and mass arrests on the streets. But there was a time at a place in Louisville called The Toy Tiger, and I was there and in proper form.

That is a story for another time.

My current New Year's Eve ritual began a couple of years ago. In a lasting fit of boredom, I checked out the Kentucky Legislative Research Commission's website and read the "prefiled bills" to be considered for the upcoming session of the General Assembly. It has become a tradition among some of my friends to make bets on which bills will get out of committee, and this year's collection contains some real gems.

- Making over the counter medicines like Sudafed require a prescription. [BR12]

- Forcing school districts to implement "wellness programs" and mandating physical activity time. [BR13]

- Creating a behemoth, regional MSD-type agency for Bullit, Hardin, Jefferson, Meade, Nelson, Oldham, and Spencer Counties [BR19]

- The Kentucky Firearms Freedom Act. [BR92]

- Amending the state constitution to extend the terms of State Representatives from two to four years and State Senators from four to six years. [BR249]

There are many more examples of disturbing behavior emanating from Frankfort, but we can save those for the New Year. Chew on these prefiled bills for a while, then place your bets. And avoid the Jägermeister.

In 2011, four blessings upon you:

Older whiskey.
Younger women.
Faster horses.
Smarter government.

Happy New Year.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Year-End Headlines

- During a cliche-riddled discussion with The Voice-Tribune's Angie Fenton, incoming Louisville mayor Alfred E. Neuman Greg Fischer says he will go around "testing the temperature of the community."

I will leave it to you, dear reader, to discern exactly how Fischer will be taking your temperature. Hold on to your pants, this may get weird.

- Reasons Why I Hate Insight Communications #145 and 146:  Insight Communications has offered luxury suite tickets to Metro Council members for tomorrow's UK-U of L game in the downtown arena just prior to a vote by said council members on Insight's franchise agreement. It is an agreement that strengthens the company's monopoly on cable service in Louisville and allows them to gouge residents for bad, overpriced service. [WFPL's The Edit]

This delightful nugget of info comes a day after I received a letter from Insight telling me I am now required to have a box for every single television hooked to their mediocre cable. Cable-ready sets are now obsolete, as one may soon only be able to receive cable by means of the cheap, clunky, impractical new converter box. Personally, this action makes my highly prized, under cabinet, 7 inch TV set worthless. Unless, of course, I don't mind installing a goddamned converter box on my countertop.

Since I needed to make a New Year's Resolution, it may as well be this one: I will stop watching television.

- There are tons of prefiled bills to be taken up during the upcoming legislative session by Kentucky Lawmakers, and most of them were filed by reactionary douchebags. Same old, same old. [WFPL]

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Here's your midweek update

- The strategy of an entity going bankrupt in order to void a labor contract is a popular one these days, and the tactic is being used locally against the musicians in the Louisville Orchestra. A judge ruled today in favor of the musicians against the orchestra's board in a case where the musicians simply asked to be paid for their work. The board had obviously expected the musicians to play for free due to real or imagined financial problems, then threatened to file bankruptcy and void the negotiated agreement between the parties. The orchestra's board, sitting on a $10 million dollar endowment, is claiming they are broke and cannot afford to pay.  The contract between the orchestra and the musicians expires in May. [WFPL]

- In more positive news, a former stripper has been charged with arson and wanton endangerment after going bananas back in March. The woman, then working at Deja Vu in South Louisville, felt the other girls were stealing her customers and felt compelled to burn all of their dirty stripper-like stuff. [Herald-Leader]

- Shively's mayor and city council officially take the oath of office this Friday. [CJ]

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Louisville to Jerry: Here's your hat...what's your hurry?

- In today's Courier Journal print edition: Outgoing Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson is the subject of yet another wistful tribute. The man who has ruled Louisville for over two decades has been the focus of several "end-of-an-era" type columns lately. We, his true and trusty concubines, will seemingly be poorer in his absence. Especially since the election of the boy-king George W. Bush Greg Fischer. But fear not. Most of the Abramson crowd will be hanging around, continuing to pull the levers of government. Fischer will be a symbolic figure that stutters, stammers and jokes his way through his failed first term. May the Lord have mercy on us, for some voters knew not what they were getting.

- Volunteer Opportunity via The Local Weekly: Tax time is quickly approaching and a great organization is looking for a few good men and women to volunteer as tax preparers for the upcoming tax season. The V.I.T.A. program helps those who are unable to prepare their own tax return or cannot afford to have it done. To volunteer for V.I.T.A please call Larry at 574-3459 or Cindi at 574-3441. V.I.T.A is IRS certified and they will provide all training. If you can read and have computer experience than you can do it. This program was a massive success last year and the continuance of V.I.T.A. depends on volunteers like you!

- Whatever happens with the weather today, please do not flip out and jam on the brakes at the stoplight. If you feel like driving is just too much to handle, stay home. What the hell? You probably have some "thank you" cards to write for all that stuff you got for Christmas, and the last of the holiday wine is just sitting there...waiting.

- Oh, and your tap water is poison.

Friday, December 24, 2010

What the hell are YOU doing here?

Merry Christmas from The Valley Report

Now...get off the computer and have some fun.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Valley Farms headed to auction block

(Note: Terry Boyd of Insider Louisville contributed heavily to this story.)

It may be that 2010 is remembered as the "Year of Foreclosure" as the lag between the housing bubble bursting and bad deals winding their way through the court systems hit across the United States.

In Louisville, 2010 is going out with a bang.

Another in a series of giant apartment complexes is scheduled to go to foreclosure auction -the fourth to go on the Jefferson Circuit Court foreclosure docket in 2010- though it won’t be auctioned till February.

Valley Farms, 160 apartment units in 10 buildings off Valley Station Road, is scheduled to be auctioned Feb. 1. The amount to be recovered by the lender is $14.82 million, according to Jefferson Circuit Court records.

The lender is Wrightwood Capital Lender, a large, Chicago-based private equity firm.

The development, located just west of Jigg's Market, raised the ire of local community activists upon its announcement earlier this decade. The entire property, formerly a heavily wooded area adjacent to the railroad tracks, was clear-cut - a move neighborhood groups said "devastated" the landscape. Valley Farms was also criticized for being too dense for the area with too little attention paid to potential traffic congestion.

The project included single family homes, patio homes, condominiums and apartments.

Now, here’s the really scary bit: Valley Farms is one of dozens of major foreclosures in Louisville during 2010 that ranged from subdivisions to hotels to strip shopping centers to entire rental home portfolios held by fairly well capitalized, fairly sophisticated local investors.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fischer has bell rung after media stunt

George W. Bush Greg Fischer, Louisville's mayor-elect, took a turn as a "bell ringer" for the Salvation Army yesterday at the Highlands Kroger. The event lasted all of 30 minutes and was set to coincide with the noon news programs on a traditionally slow news day. It appeared to be less of an attempt to help out than it was a chance to get on television. [Fox41]

I don't know about you, but I think if this guy really wanted to help, he'd just write a gigantic check from his entrepreneur bank account instead of staging a failed, half-hour photo opportunity.

Fischer states his Christmas plans include a huge celebration at home "with his entire family".

True leaders "lead by example". That means showing up unannounced to a soup kitchen or shelter on Christmas, not by displacing petty criminals on community service detail.

The more we see of Fischer, the more we have to fear. Who convinced him this was a good idea?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Louisville NBA poll

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Yates takes oath in 25th District

Residents of District 25 will see a new effort at the beginning of 2011 to bring resources and jobs to the area when a new Councilman takes over.

“I want the people of the District to know we are ready to serve,” says David Yates, who took the oath of office on Wednesday night.

25th District Metro Councilman David Yates
Surrounded by family, friends and supporters, Yates took the oath at the Southwest Government Center after winning the office in the November 2nd election. It was administrated by Jefferson Circuit Judge David Holton, whom is also a resident of the District 25.

“I want to issue an invitation to the people of District 25 to let us know what your concerns and issues are,” said Yates. “It is time that we work together to move District 25 and all the South-End forward to be an instrumental part of the future of our great city. Also, I want to issue my promise that we will work hard to serve your interests and our neighborhoods.”

Yates has indicated he will have meetings throughout the district as a way to bring government closer to the people of District 25. He is also planning on working with other Council members on a wide range of issues including economic development and public works.

Marty Meyer, former Congressional District Representative, has been hired as Yates’ Legislative Assistant.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Positive news: It ain't all bad

- Rumor Squisher: Councilman Bob Henderson (D-14) has not suffered a stroke and is not paralyzed or incapacitated. Henderson is said to be the victim of an extremely rare but controllable condition that causes some stroke-like symptoms. Bob's office tells us the Councilman is home and resting, but eager to get back to work. Best wishes for a speedy recovery from The Valley Report.

- The PRP High School Student Council has organized a food and gift drive for less fortunate families this Christmas. [CJ]

-  New, single-family homes will replace shoddy, run down multi-family digs in the Cane Run area. [LeoWeekly]

- A suspected dope head was arrested at Southwest Hospital after crashing through the ceiling and landing in the Emergency Room. [Fox41]

- Bring in the brass monkey, it's cold outside.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hide your kids, hide your wife, 'cause the Tolling Authority is raping everybody out here

The Bridges Authority (Tolling Authority) has run amok, and no one that thinks on these things believes the outcome will be pretty.

The "Authority" is an unelected gang of privileged, overpaid elites that are in charge of deciding how much you will pay in tolls to cross bridges that are already paid for in order to raise money to build more bridges that you will have to pay to go across.

That means tolls to go to Horseshoe Casino. Tolls to go to Salem or Sportsdrome Speedway. Tolls to go to Bass Pro Shops. And tolls to get home.

Make sense?

The Tolling Authority thinks "you people" are stupid and uneducated.

They have massive conflicts of interest.

They hold "public forums" that are poorly advertised and poorly planned..."public forums" at which you are not allowed to speak.

They are arrogant and they are on a path of destruction. Target: Your wallet.

It has been reported that the two bridges project may depend upon $2 billion dollars in toll revenue.

The number of jobs the Authority claims the project will generate is false and misleading.

What is the solution, you ask? Build the east end bridge NOW, without tolls. No tolls on existing bridges. No new downtown bridge. Scale back this project to an affordable one.

Where are all the teabaggers in Louisville on this one?

"Ben Franklin costume in the wash?" - Bill Maher

Cell Phones for Soldiers

An alert reader sent a message to make us aware of a program that provides free pre-paid phone cards and cellphones to our service members.

It is a nation-wide, reputable program with several collection points in Valley Station and Southwest Louisville. Just click the link, select "Find a Drop Off Point" and enter your zip code.

Here's more from the website:

Cell Phones for Soldiers hopes to turn old cell phones into more than 12 million minutes of prepaid calling cards for U.S. troops stationed overseas in 2008. To do so, Cell Phones for Soldiers expects to collect 50,000 cell phones each month through a network of more than 3,000 collection sites across the country.

Cell Phones for Soldiers was founded by teenagers Robbie and Brittany Bergquist from Norwell, Mass., with $21 of their own money. Since then, the registered 501c3 non-profit organization has raised almost $2 million in donations and distributed more than 500,000 prepaid calling cards to soldiers serving overseas.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Santa Land returns to Fairdale this Thursday

Once again, Councilwoman Vicki Aubrey Welch (D-13) and the Fairdale Community Club will spread holiday cheer for children in Southwest Jefferson County when Santa Land makes its return to the Fairdale area next Thursday, December 16th.

“For the last several years, I have been honored to help a devoted group of volunteers make sure that children in our area have a wonderful holiday season,” says Welch. “The Fairdale Community Club truly represents the giving spirit of the holidays and this event is an example of that dedication.”

Santa Land will get underway at the Fairdale Playtorium, 10616 West Manslick Road from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. It is a community Christmas event for children 12 years old and under. Children will have a chance to visit Santa, have their picture taken and receive a small gift along with goodies and candies.

“When I first partnered with the Fairdale Community Club four years ago, this was just one of many ways to help those in need in our community,” says Welch. “I have enjoyed this event every year because it is for children.”

Many local businesses and organization are joining Welch as participants of Santa Land by giving treats to children. Along with Santa, there will be refreshments and entertainment. The Step N Out Dance Studio will perform at 7:00pm. The Hope Life Center will present a Puppet Show throughout the evening.

For more information about Santa Land at the Fairdale Playtorium, call 367-9769 or you can contact Councilwoman Welch’s office at 574-1113.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Another one bites the dust: A&W on Dixie now Kahuna Nui

What LEO Weekly termed as the "last of a dying breed" in 2006 actually died in 2010. The last free-standing A&W Restaurant & Ice Creamery in Louisville, open since the early 1960's on Dixie Highway near Kosmosdale, unceremoniously closed its doors a few months ago.

It has reportedly been reopened as "Kahuna Nui Burger and Fries". The property, located at 14126 Dixie Highway, is owned by Royal Holdings, LLC and has an assessed value of $28,250 according to the Jefferson County PVA office.

2 years and counting: Thank you!


I would like to take a moment and recognize some important individuals and organizations (you know who you are) in and around Southwest Louisville that have made our success here at The Valley Report possible.

This site, begun on a whim, recently turned two years old. I have met a great many people and I am amazed and humbled at the site's progress. It has opened doors I never thought possible.

Having a full-time job and other duties make it tough to update the site everyday, and I appreciate your patience. News tips are welcome, and can be sent confidentially via the link under "Contact" or publicly via facebook.

Thank you, dear readers and supporters, for making the last two years of this adventure so rewarding and so much fun. I am looking forward to sharing many more years together as we go forward together, building the community we all want.

Warm Regards,
Brian Tucker

Friday, December 10, 2010

More of the same: Fischer appoints crew that is part of the problem in Louisville

This morning Mayor-elect Greg Fischer announced some disappointments to his upcoming administration, confirming everyone's suspicion that his term will be a complete and total extension of Jerry Abramson's.

“These leaders will bring new faces and fresh ideas to Metro Government, and I am honored that they have agreed to serve the citizens of Louisville. They are a diverse group of dedicated people who bring both knowledge of government, as well as outside perspective.”

The appointments are:

* Ellen Hesen as Chief of Staff, who will manage interactions between all city departments and the mayor’s office. Hesen, 52, of Louisville, is currently General Counsel for Gov. Steve Beshear. She also has served as General Counsel for the state auditor and was a former Deputy Secretary of the Cabinet for Health Services. Hesen earned a JD from the University of Louisville School of Law and has held several positions in private sector law firms. She lives in the Highlands.

* William E. Summers IV will serve in the Fischer administration for six months as senior advisor to the Mayor and Chief Administrative Officer. Summers is currently Deputy Mayor for Mayor Jerry Abramson. He will help ensure a smooth transition between governments, provide counsel to the new administration, and share the significant institutional knowledge he has from his more than two decades of experience in the city government.

* Pat Mulvihill as Director of Intergovernmental Affairs and General Counsel. Mulvihill will manage relations between the state and federal governments and between the mayor and the Metro Council and serve as General Counsel to the Mayor. Mulvihill, 40, was a member of the Greater Louisville Merger Transition Task Force and Co-Director of the Merger Transition Office. He is currently a litigator and legal advisor with the Jefferson County Attorney’s Office and has previously worked at several Louisville law firms. He has been the legal representative for several city government agencies, and he earned a JD from the University of Louisville. He lives in Audubon Park.

* Sadiqa Reynolds as Chief of Community Building. Reynolds, 38, will oversee numerous agencies including the Department of Health & Wellness, Housing & Family Services and cultural attractions, such as the Louisville Zoo and Louisville Science Center. Reynolds is a former District Court Judge and has been on the board of the Home of the Innocents, Maryhurst, Habitat for Humanity and the Bates Community Development Corp. She earned a JD from University of Kentucky and lives in Glen Oaks.

* Ron Weston as special assistant to the Mayor and as a member of the Intergovernmental Affairs team. Weston, 62, is a current state representative from Southwest Louisville and was the first president of the Louisville Metro Council. He will join the Fischer administration in a part-time role and, along with others to be named later, will manage relations between the state and federal governments and between the mayor and the Metro Council as well as special assignments as they arise. He lives in Fairdale.

* Steve Rowland as Chief Financial Officer. Rowland, 58, was the former Chief Financial Advisor to Jefferson County Government from 1990 to 1998 and worked under four governors in the Office of Policy and Management. He is currently a co-owner of SKP Properties, which manages apartments and homes. He earned a BA from Eastern Kentucky University and lives in Pewee Valley.

* Kellie Watson as Director of Human Resources. Watson, 36, is currently executive director of the Office of Human Resources Management at the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. She is also acting director for the Office for Civil Rights and Small Business Development in the Cabinet. She also is a former executive director of the Louisville Metro Government Human Relations Commission. She earned a law degree from Vanderbilt University and has been involved in the Louisville Urban League Young Professionals, Jack and Jill Inc. and the Ignite Louisville program through Leadership Louisville. She lives downtown.

* Adria Johnson as acting director of Housing and Family Services. Johnson is currently that department’s assistant director and was hired into Metro Government in 2005. She has significant private sector experience, including at Brown & Williamson, LG&E and Humana.

Besides Sadiqa Reynolds, there are no "fresh faces" in this group. Reynolds recently lost a reelection bid for District Court and her talents are thoroughly underutilized in this position. She deserves more than an empty title.

What do you think of the appointments thus far? Do you trust Fischer's judgment? Do you really believe Fischer is the one calling the shots here? Sound off in the "Comments" section.

Hundreds brave cold for Dixie Corridor plan meeting

The following is brought to you courtesy of my friends at The Local Weekly, the South End's only paper:
Despite extremely cold temperatures a crowd of around 250 people gathered at the Southwest Government Center to learn about initial plans for an "extreme makeover" of the Dixie Highway corridor.
The informational meeting gave area residents a chance to hear about results of a study completed by Mohammad Nouri of the HNTB Corporation and give their input about what they considered to be the most important issues of the plan.
The extreme makeover would mean big improvements for the southwest area.
Preliminary plans include a signature gateway entrance at the Dixie Highway - I-264 interchange, tree lined streets, new light poles, new traffic signals and poles, enhanced landscaped medians, and new pedestrian walkways. Also a re-design of traffic patterns to make it easier to access both sides of Dixie Highway and improve traffic congestion. On average 60,000 cars traverse the Dixie Highway – I-264 interchange daily.
The area studied begins at Oak Street and ends at Greenwood Road. The study area was divided into two sections. The North section includes Oak Street to I-264. The South section includes I-264 to Greenwood Road. The purpose of the study is to develop a unifying and distinct character for the Dixie Highway corridor while creating a safe and functioning corridor for all users.
In August 2010 advisory groups met to give Mr. Nouri recommendations of what they thought would improve the biggest problems they see every day along the corridor. The advisory group consisted of area residents who live with the daily problems on Dixie Highway. The advisory group stressed safety and creating an environment for the area to thrive. On average five people lose their life every year somewhere along Dixie Highway. Mr. Nouri suggests that this is due to a host of issues that have plagued Dixie Highway for years. Some of the reasons Mr. Nouri pointed out were lack of lighting, too many lane variations where 7 lanes transition to 4 lanes, which transition to 2 lanes, and poor signal timing and synchronization of traffic signals. Within the North and South sections of the Dixie Highway corridor plan there are 26 traffic signals that need to be updated and brought online to control remotely.
The Dixie Highway Corridor Master Plan is broken up into three parts which are land use, transportation, and urban design. Those who attended were able to give their input and vote on which issue they thought was the most important part of each plan. Residents thought the top priority for land use was a new look for the area which would include a unifying makeover with matching utility and light poles, landscaping, enhanced medians, signage, and making better connections for public access. Mohammad talked about the area lacking a sense of character and defined “places”. A makeover of this scale would breathe a breath of fresh air down the Dixie corridor something that is long overdue. Transportation recommendations most favored by meeting goers were to reconstruct Dixie Highway to improve safety, access, and pedestrian traffic through I-264. Also to study the feasibility of a P & L commuter line from downtown Louisville to Fort Knox. Top urban design recommendations included burying or relocating overhead power lines and poles along the Dixie Highway corridor. Also installing matching trash receptacles, pedestrian lighting, benches, TARC shelters, bike racks, and tree lined streets to create a unifying theme and character for the area.
This is the first step in the Dixie Highway Corridor Master Plan which is still in its infancy. Money is the biggest roadblock but the plan creates a vision of what Dixie Highway could look like in the next ten to fifteen years. Top planner, Mohammad Nouri said, “I’ am not worried about the money. The money will come. The commitment is more important than the money.”
Something unique that I would personally like to see happen along Dixie Highway is a safer way to cross the road on foot. Pedestrians are gambling when attempting to cross the busy stretch and drivers, especially once the traffic lights are timed, have no patience for foot traffic. We, as a community, should look at the feasibility of constructing overhead walkways in the busiest locations, similar to ones in use on the Las Vegas strip.

Another item of interest: The master plan stops at Greenwood Road. Fix that.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

David Yates to be sworn into office on Wednesday, Dec. 15th

David Yates will take the oath of office for Metro Councilman for District 25 before family, friends and supporters on Wednesday, December 15th at a public ceremony at the Southwest Government Center at 6:00pm.

Jefferson District Court Judge David Holton will administer the oath of office.

The ceremony is open to residents of District 25 and refreshments will be served following the ceremony.

Yates will officially take office on January 3rd.

I noticed Doug Hawkins stopped sending out emails since he lost the election, proving my point that he was only using them for political gain and not for the stated purpose of communicating with district residents.

The games are over. The district moves forward starting Jan.3.

In other district news, it is being reported Yates has hired Marty Meyer as his Legislative Assistant. 

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Reminder: Public input sought for Dixie Corridor Project

Dixie Highway Corridor Project Public Input Hearing Scheduled

Hearing set for December 7th at Southwest Government Center

Councilman Rick Blackwell (D-12) and Councilwoman Mary C. Woolridge (D-3) will host a public hearing on the Dixie Corridor project at the Southwest Government Center on Tuesday, December 7th at 7pm.

Joining the Council Members at this hearing will be Councilman-elect David Yates (D-25) and Mayor-elect Greg Fischer.

The Dixie Highway Project is a study on the Dixie Highway Corridor that integrates land-use, transportation, economic development, and environmental concerns. The goal is to develop a unifying but distinct character for the corridor. The plan will promote the pedestrian environment and promote the strategic economic development goals for the community.

The Southwest Government Center is located at 7219 Dixie Highway.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

VITA volunteers needed









574-3459 LARRY

574-3441 CINDI

935-8918 ROSEMARY

935-5665 CINDI

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Special Report: Doss High School principal becomes "fall guy"

A close look into what is going on inside South Louisville's Doss High School exposes the flaws in school policy and federal mandates that will cause Jefferson County's 2008 "Outstanding High School Principal" to lose his job.

Terry Boyd of Insider Louisville talks with Glenn Baete, a Bishop David graduate, about his situation and his future. Please take time to read Baete's candid talk: Designed to fail: Doss principal says his ouster will be ‘symbolic,’ but won’t solve Louisville’s school crisis

Friday, December 03, 2010

Weekend Events

- Coffee Talk: Councilman Rick Blackwell is once again inviting residents of District 12 to come out for “Coffee with your Councilman” this Saturday, December 4th. The event will take place at Sister Beans, 5225 New Cut Road beginning at 10:00am.

- Fundraiser: There will be a dance/fundraiser to benefit the Valley High School Baseball Team on Saturday, December 4th at the VFW Post #1181, on Blevins Gap Road just east of Dixie Highway. The dance will start at 8pm. Contact Tracie Yates or Mark Lynch for tickets or information.

- Christmas On The Corner: Friday, December 3, 7:00pm. Please join us at the Gazebo at the corner of Southern Parkway at Woodlawn Ave, as we wait for Santa’s annual arrival on a fire truck! This is a wonderfully fun tradition begins at 7:00PM and once Santa arrives, he will lead the way to the Iroquois Library as we walk along singing carols! Once there, we’ll find plenty of cookies and hot chocolate to enjoy while the children share their Christmas wishes with Santa.

The Beechmont Women's Club's Christmas Bazaar and Luncheon: Saturday, December 4, held at the Beechmont Women’s Club, 4516 South 6th Street. Bazaar Hours: 9:00 a.m. – 3p.m. Luncheon Hours: 12noon – 2p.m. A great way to get into the Holiday Spirit by attending this annual event! There will be lots of Christmas items and a delicious lunch! For more information call 502-363-9180.

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend, and thanks for reading The Valley Report.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

The good, the bad, two uglies: A midweek summary

- Ford Motor Company is expected to make an announcement regarding plans for the Louisville Assembly Plant on Fern Valley Road. The long-awaited news will come December 9th. Still unknown is what method the company will use to further whipsaw remaining employees. [CJ]

- Kentucky's tallest building will be left with only 120 people working inside after Aegon fulfills its plan to cut nearly 300 jobs over the next year. [Fox41]

- The totally insane Governor of the Commonwealth did something more stupid than even I thought possible today and continued his tradition of portraying Kentucky as a bunch of ignorant, dinosaur-riding, evangelical circus geeks. I'm sure you've heard about this totally illegal and wasteful proposal to fund a Noah's Ark styled "theme park" near the shameful Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky. Check that story here: [Barefoot and Progressive]

To catch up on other gubernatorial shenanigans like late night, holiday weekend press releases detailing Beshear's appointments to boards and committees, check the story here: [Insider Louisville]

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

“Home Ownership Outreach Workshop” in Hallmark Neighborhood

Woolridge supports “Home Ownership Outreach Workshop” in Hallmark Neighborhood

Event set for Thursday, December 9th at 5:30pm

Councilwoman Mary C. Woolridge (D-3) is offering an important way to help potential homeowners who would like to live in the Hallmark Neighborhood. A special workshop will offer valuable information to those who look to buy a home in this friendly District 3 Neighborhood.

“The Hallmark Neighborhood is a wonderful place to live and raise a family,” says Woolridge. “With the help of the Louisville Urban League, this workshop is a way to make purchasing a home in this community easier.”

A "Home Ownership Outreach Workshop" will get underway on Thursday, December 9th at 5:30pm at H. Temple Spears located at 1515 Cypress Street on the corner of Cypress & Hill Streets.

The Hallmark Neighborhood runs from Dixie Highway & Algonquin Parkway south to Wingfield Lane and west to Cane Run Road.

Participants will obtain the following information:

· Eligible Hallmark properties

· Savings & Credit needs for Homeowners

· Other steps in the Homeowner process

Eligible buyers can receive up to $10,000 of down payment assistance when purchasing in the Hallmark Neighborhood. This workshop will be presented by the Louisville Urban League’s Center for Housing & Financial Empowerment and is supported by Woolridge.

“This workshop will answer questions and give direction for those who want to be part of a caring community,” says Woolridge. “I would encourage anyone who would like to make the Hallmark Neighborhood their home to attend.”

Call the Urban League at (502) 566-3362 for more information.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Legal Aid Society's free legal clinics

The Legal Aid Society of Louisville has announced its schedule for free legal clinics during November and December. A reservation is required for each clinic you wish to attend. To make a reservation please call 584-1254.


Attorneys will be on hand to answer questions about foreclosure and provide advice on alternatives. Foreclosure is often a devastating event for families. That fact leads us to....


Clients will receive assistance from attorneys in filing necessary paperwork to file for divorce.

Established in 1921 and the oldest of Kentucky's legal services programs, the Legal Aid Society's mission is to "pursue justice for people in poverty," which we accomplish by providing free, civil legal assistance.

Please direct anyone you know needing legal advice in these areas to call and make a reservation today.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pre-Thanksgiving Updates

- In a bid to define his legacy amid budget problems, massive internal corruption and damning investigations from state auditor Crit Luallen, outgoing mayor Jerry Abramson was honored at a breakfast this morning sponsored by the YMCA. Over 1000 people attended the paid event, held on the floor of the downtown arena. [CJ]

- A stalemate has been reached in the quest to ease traffic congestion leading into Dixie Elementary school. [CJ] UPDATE: The meeting scheduled by Bob Henderson (D-14) for November 30th on this issue has been canceled pending a decision by the Planning Commission. More info to follow.

- If you haven't stocked up on Four Loco for the holidays, it looks like you are out of luck. [Fox41]

- Here is yet another reason to celebrate the exit of Sheldon Berman as JCPS Superintendent. [Insider Louisville]

If you are traveling this weekend, please be careful and return safely. In any event, have a great Thanksgiving.  I am thankful for you having made The Valley Report part of your day.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Dixie Highway Corridor Project- Public Input Hearing Scheduled

Dixie Highway Corridor Project Public Input Hearing Scheduled

Hearing set for December 7th at Southwest Government Center

Councilman Rick Blackwell (D-12) and Councilwoman Mary C. Woolridge (D-3) will host a public hearing on the Dixie Corridor project at the Southwest Government Center on Tuesday, December 7th at 7pm.

Joining the Council Members at this hearing will be Councilman-elect David Yates (D-25) and Mayor-elect Greg Fischer.

“Dixie Highway has long been in need of a makeover,” says Blackwell. . “This is an exciting project for the entire community and we couldn’t be happier that the Mayor-Elect has taken such an interest in it.”

The Dixie Highway Project is a study on the Dixie Highway Corridor that integrates land-use, transportation, economic development, and environmental concerns. The goal is to develop a unifying but distinct character for the corridor. The plan will promote the pedestrian environment and promote the strategic economic development goals for the community.

“There have been previous attempts at a project such as this,” says Blackwell. “The difference now seems to be that all the key players are involved. And the residents of Southwest Louisville are certainly the most important key players.”

The Southwest Government Center is located at 7219 Dixie Highway.

For more information about the public hearing, contact Councilman Blackwell’s office at 574-1112.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wick's Pizza closes Valley location

The owners of Wick's Pizza decided on November 14th to close their Valley Station location. The store's phone number has a recording thanking patrons "for 7 great years", and urges customers to visit their other locations.

Wick's is closed
Wick's is doing well in other areas of Louisville and Southern Indiana, and has obviously decided to invest in the stores that provide the greatest return. The Valley store was long rumored to be just getting by. The bar side of the restaurant closed weeks ago and last week, the whole store shut its doors for good.

Yet another reminder of how important it is for us to support our locally-owned businesses.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Special meeting at Dixie Elementary to discuss opening road to traffic

Councilman Bob Henderson (D-14) is encouraging residents of Meadowview Drive to attend a special meeting at Dixie Elementary Tuesday, November 30th regarding a safety issue involving school buses.

“The topic of the meeting involves the possibility of opening up Meadowview Drive as a way for cars and buses to exit the school,” says Henderson. “This meeting is a chance to get updated on this potential plan.”

The Councilman will be on hand and Chuck Fleischer, Director of the JCPS Safety and Environmental Department has been invited to be part of the discussion.

Currently, cars and buses can only enter and exit Dixie Elementary using Casalanda Drive to Ashby Lane.

The meeting will take place at Dixie Elementary beginning at 5:30pm.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Weekend events

Beechmont Neighborhood Association’s General Meeting

November 15, 2010, 6pm

‘Old’ Firehouse at 5th & Ashland Avenue

It’s a Chili and Hotdog supper provided by the Firefighters! BNA will provide soft drinks and cookies! An opportunity to join the Beechmont Neighborhood Association will be provided at this meeting.

District 13 "Coffee With Your Councilwoman" 
Saturday, November 13th
Click HERE for details

Autumn Leaf Drop-Off

November 1st through November 27th

Monday – Saturday

8am – 4:30pm


Iroquois Park – 5216 Newcut Road

Enter at Newcut and Southern Parkway

Take a left on Uphill Road then to the top to the old tennis courts

Closed on Thanksgiving Day

Closed on Friday after Thanksgiving

Closed every Sunday


**Bags must be emptied and removed from site**

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mr. Lou's Country Cottage closes its doors

From The Local Weekly:
"In another sign of hard economic times Mr. Lou's Country Cottage Kitchen on Valley Station Road has closed their doors. A long time Valley Station favorite for good affordable home cooked food recently went out of business. A poor economy and competition from new restaurants in the area was too much for Mr. Lou's to survive. Another reminder to support your locally owned and operated business."

Boy Scout collection drive - Saturday, November 20th

Boy Scouts throughout Metro Louisville have two busy Saturdays ahead. This coming Saturday, they will hand out reminders about a special food collection drive on the following Saturday to help Community Ministries.

“This is a wonderful effort by young people who want to help those in need for the upcoming holiday season,” says Councilman Bob Henderson (D-14). “The Association of Community Ministries in all areas will be helping many families with basic essentials, especially food.”

Scout Troops will fan out across Metro Louisville to remind everyone of the event on November 13thth. The Scouts are asking that everyone donate a canned good or non perishable item for the food drive. The items collected by the scouts on November 20th will be taken to the respective Community Ministries in their area.

Specific items of need: canned meats, stews, & other "hearty" foods, as well as canned vegetables & fruits.

“This food drive becomes important when you consider that the Southwest Community, South Louisville Community and Shively Area Ministries are serving more than 5,000 people a month,” says Henderson. “And those are just three of 15 ministries handling the needy.”

To learn more about the needs of the Association of Community Ministries go to their web site at

Monday, November 08, 2010

District 13 coffee - This Saturday

Councilwoman Vicki Aubrey Welch is once again extending an invitation to residents of District 13 to come out for “Coffee with your Councilwoman” on Saturday, November 13th.

“This month I want to hear from everyone who may have what might be called a “wish list” of ideas you would like to see us work on together for the future of the District and South Louisville,” says Welch. “I want to focus on what your think is important for our community, so we decided not to have a special guest this month so I and my staff can be available to hear what people have to say.”

The November “Coffee with your Councilwoman” will be held at the First String Family Sports Grill and Pub, 5921 New Cut Road just off from the Outer Loop. It begins at 9:00am.

“There is so much going on in Metro Louisville with a new Mayor coming into office, I am sure many people have thoughts on how our city should move forward,” says Welch. “I would love to hear about. It’s a very informal meeting, so come and have a cup of coffee and just say “hi” if you want to.”

To learn more about the November District 13 “Coffee with your Councilwoman” contact Councilwoman Welch’s office at 574-1113.

Yates preparing to assume office

Although Councilman-Elect David Yates doesn't officially take office until January, he has already begun preparing to assume the responsibilities of representing the 25th District.

Yates has outlined an interview process to select a Legislative Assistant (LA). "I have had calls from numerous qualified people inquiring about being a 25th district LA." and says the interview will insure "...District 25 has the best LA we can get."

Shortly after taking office, Yates plans on instituting regular meetings with constituents to share ideas and concerns. Currently, Districts 14 and 25 are the only ones in Southwest Louisville without a regularly scheduled meeting for residents.

Despite not hearing from his old nemesis Doug Hawkins, Yates says he wishes him the best and adds, "The election is over. It’s time that we work to move the South End forward and show the rest of the city our positive side."

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Paul to U.S. workers: The war is on

Confirming our suspicions, Senator-elect Rand Paul has hired one of the most anti-union bastards in the country to be his Chief of Staff, thus having applied the "boot heel" to the throat of America's union workers.

Doug Stafford, former Vice President of the National Right to Work Committee, believes in absolute corporate tyranny - total freedom for businesses to do whatever they like while employees are fitted with leg irons and ball gags.

Stafford's ruthlessly conservative opinions are well documented. (See HERE - hat tip to Ville Voice)

Paul and Stafford are part of a group of millionaires that want to take away a worker's right to organize, lobby for better conditions and bargain collectively all while protecting the businesses right to join things like manufacturer associations that lobby for weaker safety laws and bargain collectively with other companies.

This move should come as no surprise to anyone that followed Paul and his insane campaign, but should be recognized as what it is: A slap in the face to American workers.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Sun Valley Health Fair

Senior citizens in Southwestern Louisville have a chance to take advantage of a special health fair provided by the Sun Valley Community Center which will get underway on Thursday, November 18th.

“This is a chance for senior citizens to get some very valuable information about healthy lifestyles,” says Councilman Bob Henderson (D-14). “The Center has gathered several different agencies and groups in one place to provide information and in some cases free screenings.”

Among the groups on hand, Humana, Gilda’s Club of Louisville, Silver Sneakers and the Department of Public Health and Wellness. The Health Fair will be held from 10:00am to 1:00pm.

The Sun Valley Center will be providing lunch as long as reservations are made in advance. The number for the Center is 937-8802.

“For those seniors who take advantage of the health fair will also have a chance to see and learn more about the various programs offered by this great Community Center,” says Henderson. “There are many programs and activities out here for people of all ages.”

The Sun Valley Community Center is located at 6505 Bethany Lane.

For more information about the Health Fair, call the Sun Valley Community Center at 937-8802.

District 12 Coffee - November 6th

Councilman Rick Blackwell is once again inviting residents of District 12 to come out for “Coffee with your Councilman” this Saturday, November 6th.

“Come have a cup of coffee on me and share your thoughts and ideas for the district. Though it will be just a few days after the election, we may want to discuss the priorities that we want to communicate to our new Mayor.” says Blackwell.

The event will take place at Sister Beans, 5225 New Cut Road beginning at 10:00am.

“Some constituents feel more comfortable in an informal setting talking about their ideas. The concept is spreading too. Several Council members now offer their own variation of the idea” says Blackwell.

For more information about the November “Coffee with your Councilman”, contact Councilman Blackwell’s office at 574-11

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Yates knocks ogre off perch in 25th - Welch turns back Davis in Lucky 13

 What a day for Southwest Louisville.

David Yates beat Doug Hawkins last night in the closely watched election for the 25th District Metro Council seat. Yates will take over a promising district badly neglected since merger.

The 25th district finally has a representative that can go to City Hall and work with others to get things done on our behalf instead of one that stomps around and, like an insolent child, could use a beating.

Hawkins' political career is most likely over. After losing a race for state representative and state senate, Doug needed a win to avoid Strike Number Three. He failed.

Not only did Hawkins lose, but so did his stablemate Renay Davis.

Voters have, for the second straight time, rejected Renay in Louisville's 13th District. Observers say the tactics used during the contest were "almost as dirty as the shit that went down in the 25th with Hawkins". A dazzling array of nasty robo-calls, negative mailers and whisper campaigns was not enough to beat incumbent Vicki Welch.

Welch attributes her win to "staying positive" during the campaign and highlighting her results as Councilwoman. She says she looks forward to working with Councilman-elect David Yates to move Southwest Louisville forward.

"We finally have a partner", says Welch.

A longer version of this article can be seen at Insider Louisville.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Hawkins crew resorts to stealing signs, says Yates

In a press release just issued, 25th Metro District candidate David Yates says American Patriot and cheap bully Doug Hawkins is responsible for the theft of ''hundreds'' of Yates for Council yard signs.

It's a weak and desperate move and the mark of a loser.


Louisville, Ky - Over the past two evenings, hundreds of "David Yates for Metro Council" Yard Sign have been stolen across the 25th District. Yates, the democratic candidate for Metro Council's 25th District, said that his campaign has received numerous emails that supporters' yard sign have been stolen from their yards. Additionally, Yates' yard sign was the only one stolen at homes with multiple yards signs of other democratic candidates.

"This is nothing more than Doug Hawkins being Doug Hawkins," Yates said. "Year after year Councilman Hawkins pulls these antics, and voters are going to go to the polls this year and show that they're tired of his tricks. I'm expecting a robocall tonight from Hawkins to voters with some outrageous lie about me and my family."

Yates filed a report with the police department Monday afternoon after spending hours canvassing and noticing that his yard signs were gone. Yates' campaign distributed over 600 signs during the past month, and the campaign believes that over 300 have been stolen in the past 48 hours.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dan Seum: What have you done for me lately?

Dan Seum, former Democrat-turned-Republican-turned-Teabagger, is up for reelection on Tuesday. Dan is a man whose last major accomplishment was helping to eliminate the VET program in 2003.

That's seven (7) years to you and me.

Dan is content to hang his hat on VET testing as a means to keep his seat - a seat that has been thoroughly warmed by the long-time incumbent. In an age where media outlets and loudmouths tell us to "throw the bums out", career politicians like Dan should be having a tough time.

In recent weeks, Seum & Co. have resorted to running radio commercials and using Doug Hawkins' metro government email list to reach voters. The radio piece is conspicuously misleading and paints Seum as a caped hero to whom we should all rally behind. Dan is adept at negative campaigning and during this election cycle has aligned himself with some of the trade's worst purveyors of negativity.

This Tuesday, will you vote for accomplishments of long ago? Or will you take a look at a positive message of progress?

Fire off in the 'comments' section.

To see a map of the 38th District, click HERE.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Weekend Events

District 21 residents can join Councilman Johnson for a free cup of coffee Saturday morning!

October 30, 2010

Sister Bean’s Coffee House

5225 New Cut Road

8:30a.m. – 9:30a.m.

This informal meeting brings government to the people and Dan looks forward to talking with constituents about neighborhood concerns.

Also, representatives from Louisville Metro Police Department’s Third Division will be on hand to give tips on crime prevention.

Free Document Shredding Saturday, October 30, 2010

The city will provide an opportunity to have documents shredded from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday on the vacant lot at 1032 Phillips Lane, across from the main entrance to the Kentucky Exposition Center.

Items that can be brought for shredding include documents, discs, hard drives, credit cards and other confidential materials.

All paper materials will be shredded on site and recycled.

Businesses will not be allowed to participate in this event.

Alternative Halloween Family Weekend

There are two events make up Alternative Halloween Family Night.

The first is a “Trunk or Treat” at the Fairdale Christian Church beginning at 4:00pm to 7:00pm. Children will have a chance to have to trick or treat in the Church’s parking lot. There will be games and refreshments provided.

Councilwoman Welch has arranged for the Louisville Metro Police helicopter to be on display for children to explore.

The Fairdale Christian Church is located at 9000 Brown Austin Road. This event is free.

At the second event, families can take advantage of a Halloween Chili Supper sponsored by the Our Lady Mt. Carmel Church from 5:00pm to 9:00pm. The cost for the Chili Supper is $3.00 for children and $5.00 for adults. There will be free games and entertainment for children at the event. The Church is located at 5505 New Cut Road.

CJ takes cheap shot at Heiner, misses badly

Hitting a new low, the Louisville Courier-Journal has lobbed a cheap shot at mayoral candidate Hal Heiner. Here's the story in a nut:
Republican mayoral candidate Hal Heiner acknowledged Thursday that he neglected to inform The Courier-Journal during interviews about his private life that he married and divorced in the 1970s before marrying his current wife of 33 years.
Yes, that is it. A breathless allegation that Heiner didn't tell the CJ all about his dead ex-wife. You can read the entire non-news item by clicking HERE.

If this is the 11th hour bombshell that the folks at the once-proud CJ have been waiting to drop, they have seriously underestimated and disrespected the public. It's no wonder people don't "take the paper" anymore.

I think it shows the intense level of desperation and paranoia by the editorial board over their endorsement of Greg Fischer for mayor.  It is now clear - as if it weren't already - the CJ will PRINT ANYTHING in order to protect their interests. This event will forever mark the "low water" point in Louisville's journalistic history.I am ashamed of my hometown paper today. I really am.

So, to all this, I say: Louisville, get ready for Mayor Hal. I will certainly be voting for him.

In a related story, Greg Fischer was involved in an auto accident last month that damaged his 2009 Cadillac. The Fischer campaign is refusing to acknowledge or discuss the incident.  You can read about that HERE.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Donohue ruled ineligible - crashes, burns

Jeff Donohue, candidate for state representative in the 37th district, has been ruled ineligible by Jefferson County Circuit Court Judge Fred Cowan. The outcome was expected by many observers and was, in my opinion, the correct judgment. Click HERE for background on the debacle. It is a terrifying story of spectacular failure and arrogance.

Donohue's attorney has promised an appeal, the thought of which sends shivers down many Democrat's spines for it is insanely bad politics. Insanely. Bad.

Insiders familiar with the whole shebang say Donohue had it coming. They also say to "watch where he ends up" with respect to future employment. One blamed retiring incumbent Ron Weston, saying Weston "did everything else for him [Donohue], walked him around like a toddler, got him out there talking right...I guess Ron should have done Jeff's damned paperwork too."

I had high hopes for Jeff Donohue. It should have been an easy win.

Louisville/Jefferson County Democratic Party Chairman Tim Longmeyer and attorney Jennifer Moore deserve the credit for starting this trend in the first place by filing lawsuits to remove candidates that were certain losers from the ballot. Well done. You two are about as sharp as a rat’s turd in a glass of buttermilk.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Yates fights back against robo-calling incumbent

Wednesday morning at 10:30am David Yates, Candidate for Louisville Metro Council, District 25 will be hosting a press conference in front of City Hall on Jefferson Street. Yates will address the robocalls that his opponent has been sending across south Louisville in response to the issues set out in Yates' direct mail pieces.

Over the past three weeks voters in Louisville's 25th District have been receiving Direct Mail literature from democratic candidate David Yates. The second piece sparked a great deal of controversy and even lead to Yates receiving death threats at his office. The second piece called "Apples and Oranges" set out the difference Yates sees between himself and his opponent.

"Voters in the 25th District have a clear choice in this election, and we're showing that these differences are like apples and oranges," Yates said.

Today Yates dropped a mail piece telling voters about the $7,000 worth of neighborhood funds that Hawkins has spent on the Private, East End Soccer Club, Javanon. "Doug Hawkins took dollars designated to rejunivate our neighborhood and gave them to his friends in the east end so their families could play soccer in a private club," Yates delcared. "That's unacceptable. Our neighborhoods and community deserve a partner on Metro Council who will reinvest our neighborhood dollars in our community, not the east end."

Javanon is the same 23,000 sq. ft. Soccer Club that was constructed in a residential neighborhood (Tucker Station) without city approval, and resulted in an illegal, secret backroom meeting to get off the ground. Allegations unearthed by The Ville Voice "exposed a routine way of doing business in the city’s Planning Department, one that all-too-often favors developers at the expense of the actual rules and the rights of neighbors. It exposed the fact that attorneys for developers exert pressure on BOZA members and the too-easy access they have, to the point that if requested, they can persuade officials to hold illegal meetings to make sure things go the way they want in public."

"We learned two important lesson with this one debacle: First, south end neighborhood funds need to be reivested into the south end. Period.

Second, our system of government must be more transparent and accountable to taxpayers. No more back room deals or secret meetings," Yates said.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Breaking News: Thieneman endorses Hal for mayor

In an about-face, South End trailer park king Chris Thieneman endorsed his former Republican mayoral opponent today during a media event described as a "near disaster" by insiders.

Thieneman said he is sure Heiner wouldn't trade an endorsement for a promise of employment in his administration because he tried to get one and was denied. Yes. Thieneman offered his endorsement in exchange for an appointment in a Heiner administration four months ago.

To his credit, Heiner said no.

This is just the latest in a string of weird admissions by the self-proclaimed "South Louisville activist". In April during the Republican primary for mayor, Thieneman admitted to bribery in his past dealings with the zoning board.

Thieneman says his "respect" for Hal grew after his offer was denied.

Dan Johnson holds coffee event for 21st District

Editor's note: Every metro council district in Southwest Louisville now holds monthly events for constituents except districts 14 and 25.

Metro Councilman Dan Johnson is once again inviting residents of District 21 to come out and join him for a cup of coffee on Saturday, October 30th beginning at 8:30am.

“Our last coffee get together saw very good turnout for those folks who would like to talk with me about a problem or concern,” says Johnson. “I said then we would continue to have this informal meeting as away to bring government to the people.”

The Councilman has invited members of the Louisville Metro Police Department’s Third Division to the gathering. It will be a chance to get to know the officers who patrol the District and learn more about crime prevention.

The event will take place at Sister Beans Coffee House at 5225 New Cut Rd.

“If you are a resident of District 21 the coffee is free,” says Johnson. “I want to encourage everyone to come by and if nothing else just say hi.”

For more information about the event, contact Councilman Johnson’s Office at 574-1121.

Smoke, falling ash and failing candidates - Monday Update

- A decision is expected today that could affect Jeff Donohue's candidacy for state representative in the 37th district. HERE is the background on the case.  More as it happens.

- Wildfires in and around Fort Knox have blanketed the Southwest area in smoke and falling ash. Crews are making headway in fighting the fires and, with rain expected again tomorrow, the end is near for unhealthy air. Breathe easy. [CJ]

- There was also a small fire in Iroquois Park early this morning. Officials say it may have been caused by a cigarette thrown from a window by a moronic motorist. [FOX41]

- In an interview with WHAS11, Rand Paul says he'd stop OSHA from creating new rules that protect worker safety and wants a regulatory environment like China's. That's just weird and stupid. [WHAS11]

- Courtesy of Insider Louisville, here is a look at the 2010 Louisville Mayoral campaign and the positions of the two candidates on the issues. [Insider Louisville]

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Owen alleges Allen/Heiner deal :Complete, total Mayoral shenanigans ensue

Metro Council hypocrite Tom Owen has alleged Hal Heiner offered something in return for Tyler Allen's endorsement in the mayoral race, mirroring a damaging revelation uncovered by Leo Weekly that Jackie Green was offered a job in a Greg Fischer administration in return for dropping out of the closely contested election.

The backstabbing has begun, and no one knows how it will end. Just remember: As the camel falls to its knees, more knives are drawn.

On the surface, Owen's allegation seems cheap. Tyler Allen was not an active candidate upon endorsing Heiner unlike Jackie Green, who was running a full-throttle - if ineffective - campaign. I think that matters.

The most highly-anticipated race in Louisville has exploded into a full-blown scandal. Stay tuned....

Ground broken for Fairdale library

Metro Councilwoman Vicki Aubrey Welch (D-13) was on hand for today’s groundbreaking of the new $2 million Fairdale branch of the Louisville Free Public Library. She has released the following statement:
“This is a great day for all areas of District 13 because I see this new state of the art library as a community builder that enhances many other positive things going on in the Fairdale area. I appreciate the Library Board realizing the needs for such a facility in our community.

In the near future, a sidewalk connector for the students at Coral Ridge Elementary will provide for easier access. Like the students at Fairdale Elementary, they will be able to use this new library to enhance their education. I was able to during the budget hearings to make sure was added in the general budget.

This is also a great day for the people who have supported and pushed for a new Fairdale library for many years. Their hard work, faith and volunteer efforts along with the staff of the current library facility have made this truly a great day for all of us.”

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday Updates

- Architects have completed plans for the new Southwest Regional Library that is planned to be built in Valley Station. The public is welcome to view the architect's renderings of the new library at the current Southwest Library on Tuesday, October 26 at 6:30pm, 10375 Dixie Highway. [The Local Weekly]

Southwest Pride Community Clean-Up: Saturday, October 23, 7053 Dixie Highway. Cleanup is from 9:00am until noon. Registration begins at 8:30am.  For more info, contact Kim Leanhart at 502-367-3880 or

- According to the site, Jack Conway's "Aqua Buddha" ad isn't all that far from the truth. []

Monday, October 18, 2010

District 25 beat down - Must see video!

The debate that took place last week between District 25 incumbent Doug Hawkins and challenger David Yates is now available for viewing via Metro TV. Click HERE to see all the gritty goodness.

Analysis: Hawkins turns to jelly and interrupts, goes over time, disregards the rules and -as if we expected anything different- generally acts like a horse's ass for 30 minutes.

Voters in the 25th finally have a gin-clear choice in November. The ineffective, unethical laughingstock or a new, real leader with fresh ideas and new perspectives.

Please leave your comments below after viewing this savage beat down.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Video of State Senator Dan Seum "manhandling" private citizen

Here it is...the video that we have been waiting for. Dan Seum forcefully grabbing a citizen that was trying to record the illegal and unethical Rand Paul rally held at the Southwest Government Center last month. The whole story can be found HERE.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Yarmuth touts local jobs in new ads

Amateur hour no 'happy hour' for Powers/Donohue

Two Kentucky House candidates on the ballot in November are alleged to have made monumentally stupid mistakes in filing the required paperwork to get on said ballot, and at least one of them is being declared ineligible.

Judge Irv Maze threw Gail Powers out on her teabagging ass in the 44th district, saying one of the two required signatures on her petition came from someone outside the legislative district. Powers has said she will appeal, which is almost as mindless as the out-of-district signature on her petition. She'll still be on the ballot, but no one will be counting votes for her unless, by some miracle, she wins her phony appeal. Powers was running against incumbent Joni Jenkins, who would have stomped her like a water roach.

In the other totally absurd case, Jeff Donohue's candidacy in the state's 37th District is being challenged. Paul Holliger, candidate for Soil and Water Conservation Supervisor, filed a lawsuit that alleges one of the signatures on Donohue's petition comes from someone living outside the district, which is the same goofy mistake made by Powers in the 44th. As of now, there is no court date set for Holliger's complaint.

Donohue is in complete denial. He stated in a CJ article on the matter that his campaign was going to "move forward". After watching it closely for weeks, I wasn't sure it had yet begun. The mistake, honest or not, could insure victory for Wade Hurt, Donohue's Republican opponent. If there was one race in the Commonwealth in which BOTH candidates should lose, it is this one in KY House 37.

Problems like these are a sign of the times. There are questions we should be asking new candidates. Things like: How can we elect you if you can't follow the rules to get on the ballot? Did you even read the rules to get on the ballot? Can you spell "ballot"? Who is advising you to do this?

Check back for more on this terrible series of events later, and thanks for reading The Valley Report.

Correction: This entry was corrected to properly identify the district in which candidate Jeff Donohue is running. It is the state's 37th Legislative District, not the 38th as I had previously written.. The Valley Report regrets the late-night error.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Coal Ash Public Forum - This Thursday!

The Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection, part of the Energy and Environmental Cabinet, has received a special waste application from Louisville Gas and Electric, Cane Run Station located in Jefferson County. The administrative portion of the application has been deemed complete and review of the technical portion of the application has begun. This application, if approved, would expand the facility by 49.4-acres and allows the disposal of industrial wastes generated from the combustion of coal for electrical generation.

The cabinet has scheduled a public forum to be held on October 14, 2010, 6:00 p.m. at Conway Middle School, 6300 Terry Road, Louisville, Kentucky.

The purpose of this forum is to educate the public about the laws and regulations governing special waste, discuss the facility's proposal, and to answer questions concerning the proposed application. In addition to representatives from the Solid Waste Branch, State and EPA Region IV Superfund personnel will be available to discuss the Lee's Lane Landfill. The format will be question and answer in small groups, with no central meeting. The public may come anytime between 6 pm to 9pm to ask questions or receive information. It is not necessary to attend the entire length of the event. The cabinet provides, on request, reasonable accommodations necessary to afford an individual with a disability an equal opportunity to participate in all services, programs, and activities. To request information in an alternative format, contact Anita Young at 502-564-6716.

Tip O' the hat to my friends at The Local Weekly.

Renegade unions air anti-Larry Clark ad

October "District 12 Dialogue"

Members of the Louisville Jefferson County Legislative Delegation have been invited by Councilman Rick Blackwell to the next District 12 Dialogue set for Tuesday, October 19th at the Southwest Government Center.

“It is important to give everyone access to the lawmakers who represent us in Frankfort,” says Blackwell. “We have another session coming up in January and this will be an opportunity to see what issues are being considered.”

The October District 12 Dialogue begins at 7:00pm. The Southwest Government Center is located at 7219 Dixie Highway.

Joining the lawmakers will be representatives of other Metro Government agencies including MSD, Licensing and Permits, Neighborhoods and Public Works. A Representative of Congressman John Yarmuth’s office will also be on hand

“Like Members of the Metro Council, State Senators and Representatives need to know what you think about issues,” says Blackwell. “So I hope everyone will take the time to get involved with what’s going on in Frankfort.”

For more information about the October District 12 Dialogue, contact Councilman Blackwell’s Office at 574-1112.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Full-Tilt Bullsh!t

UPDATE: A revised, longer version of this article can be seen HERE at Insider Louisville. - Brian

State Senator Dan Seum has spent nearly three (3) decades in elected office. Dan represents the state's 38th District, some of which is in Southwest Louisville. He is 70 years old.

Seum has a pattern of blowing hot and cold on issues and cannot make up his mind on which political party he wants to be affiliated with. Shortly after being re-elected in 1999 as a Democrat, he switched parties and became a Republican. This switch threw the power to David Williams and has allowed the ogre-like Williams to essentially paralyze the Commonwealth by stopping all progress in the legislature.

Today we find Dan Seum chasing after the Tea Party vote. Although Seum hasn't been seen out in the community or in his district talking with regular voters, he can always be found at Tea Party rallies or other closed-door events, complaining about taxes and government. He sees no problem, however, in lining his pockets with extra money from "the government" during Special Sessions for failing to do his job in passing a state budget.

People like the elderly Dan Seum want Frankfort politicians and bureaucrats to run the Jefferson County School system, then crowing about "local control" when it comes to other issues.

I have family members that have known Dan Seum for many years. They go way back to the "Malano" days, when Dan's restaurant/bar was rumored to be a hot spot, and not always in a good way. Even the old folks say Dan has changed more than his party affiliation. "It's like that old Dan never existed", they say.

A racehorse that is beyond his prime doesn't know he can't do it anymore. He has to have someone put him out to pasture. Let's do the humane thing. Retire Dan Seum.