Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hide your kids, hide your wife, 'cause the Tolling Authority is raping everybody out here

The Bridges Authority (Tolling Authority) has run amok, and no one that thinks on these things believes the outcome will be pretty.

The "Authority" is an unelected gang of privileged, overpaid elites that are in charge of deciding how much you will pay in tolls to cross bridges that are already paid for in order to raise money to build more bridges that you will have to pay to go across.

That means tolls to go to Horseshoe Casino. Tolls to go to Salem or Sportsdrome Speedway. Tolls to go to Bass Pro Shops. And tolls to get home.

Make sense?

The Tolling Authority thinks "you people" are stupid and uneducated.

They have massive conflicts of interest.

They hold "public forums" that are poorly advertised and poorly planned..."public forums" at which you are not allowed to speak.

They are arrogant and they are on a path of destruction. Target: Your wallet.

It has been reported that the two bridges project may depend upon $2 billion dollars in toll revenue.

The number of jobs the Authority claims the project will generate is false and misleading.

What is the solution, you ask? Build the east end bridge NOW, without tolls. No tolls on existing bridges. No new downtown bridge. Scale back this project to an affordable one.

Where are all the teabaggers in Louisville on this one?

"Ben Franklin costume in the wash?" - Bill Maher


  1. So the problem is it is OK to go blow a couple hundred bucks at the casino but you don't want to pay $1 for the convenience of being able to do it???

    I love how a handful of people just have to scream "THE SKY IS FALLING" over simple things.

  2. You have completely missed what the problem is. Congratulations.

  3. We haven't gotten to this issue, but boy, it's hot one!!!

  4. Tolls on all the bridges. Umm. First you need federal approval for the ones that support 64 & 65. Second, do you think its fair to pay a toll (TAX) on existing bridges. They are already paid for. I say put one bridge in the east end. They can afford it.