Thursday, August 09, 2012

3 out of 4 ain't bad: Upcoming SW Metro meetings!

If you have a local government issue, question, or concern that you would like to have addressed by a live person, there are three (3) upcoming opportunities for you to do so (with one notable absence, as always).

Three of the four Southwest Louisville representatives of the Metro Council have events for constituents to air concerns. As is the usual custom, District 14 has no meetings or communications with residents. None whatsoever. Not even a monthly or yearly email. 

If you live in District 14, I urge you to attend one of these meetings instead. You can have your concern addressed by a capable, competent and trustworthy representative that has made him or herself physically present for a frank, casual conversation. The people below are not hiding from you or avoiding your calls. They, unlike the District 14 office, go out of their way to hold meetings so they can listen to what you have to say. Please oblige them! And remember to VOTE in November!

Coffee With Your Councilwoman
 District 13
 Saturday, August 11, 9:30am.
First String Family Sports Grill
 5921 New Cut Road. 

For more information, contact Councilwoman Welch’s office at 574-1113.

Coffee With Your Councilman
 District 12
Saturday, August 11,10:00 am.
Sister Beans Coffeehouse
 5225 New Cut Road.
If you would like more information, contact Councilman Blackwell’s office at 574-1112. 

Talk to David
District 25
Tuesday, August 21, 7 p.m.
 Southwest Hospital Community Room
9820 Third Street Road (Use Stonestreet Entrance)
For more information, Call the District 25 office at