Saturday, May 15, 2010

News From The Department of WTF

- The second worker death this week has been reported at Jeffboat.  Both victims fell to their deaths, the first on Monday.  More on the sad, sad news at the CJ. [LINK]

- Burglaries are rising sharply in South/Southwest Louisville.  No one knows why. Go home and lock up all your stuff.[WHAS11]

- Doug Hawkins brags of endorsement from "Miss Wheelchair KY" in his latest campaign email. Laura Reynolds points to improvements in Waverly Park, saying "Hawkins made sure it was all handicapped accessible."

Isn't that part of the deal? I mean, is that an option? To make it inaccessible?

- Councilman and mayoral candidate David Tandy claims he's really standing on that construction crane in his campaign commercial. Take a look. What do you think?

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Fight Is On

- The Republican primary election for Metro Council District 25 has turned red-hot following today's write-up in the Courier Journal.  Dr. Robert Thrasher deals incumbent Doug Hawkins a savage beating in the paper's analysis, calling him a transplant from the Highlands "who doesn't really know what's going on in southwest Jefferson County".

In an email blast yesterday, Hawkins called the Courier "anti-God" and "anti-American" for endorsing Thrasher. Hawkins then goes on to mischaracterize his Republican opponent's views in a disparaging way that reveals the mark of a bully and a loser. Hawkins feels so good about his chances of winning the primary he has focused his efforts on the Council's 13th District race, where he has robo-called and trash-talked on behalf of his staff assistant Renay Davis.

In the article, Thrasher repeats what was reported here yesterday: If he fails to beat Hawkins Tuesday, he will support Democrat David Yates in November. I think that just about says it all.

- Councilman Rick Blackwell's District 12 Dialogue for May will be held in conjunction with the Mayor’s Community Conversation at Butler High School on Monday night, May 17th beginning at 6:30pm.

For more information about the May District 12 Dialogue, contact Councilman Blackwell’s office at 574-1112. For more information about the Mayor’s Community Conversation call Metro Call at 311 of 574-5000

- Mayoral candidate Jim King has sent out the campaign's best and most hilarious mailer of the entire race:

Hat tip to The Ville Voice.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Primary Election News: 6 Days and Counting

- My friend Steve Magruder of Louisville History & Issues has compiled a list featuring podcasts and videos of several of the mayoral candidate forums that have been held this year. If you are still one of the many undecided voters, this resource should help.  Click HERE for the list.

- Republican candidate for Mayor Hal Heiner, seeking mileage out of the city's financial audit fiasco, said today Louisville's audit plan doesn't go far enough with regard to outside assessments.  Heiner wants additional outside help in reviewing the city's own internal audits. Abramson's spokesperson lunged for Hal's throat like a jackal, saying the city already has outside help (the state) and shot back rather snootily: “As a councilman who's been part of that process and observed that process every year, he ought to understand that,”. [CJ]

-  I spoke with Dr. Robert Thrasher about his upcoming primary election against incumbent Doug Hawkins in Louisville's 25th District.  Saying "never give up...never give in", he relayed to me the following, which I found to be monumentally interesting:

I am winding down the campaign. The signs are up the doors have been knocked on and the weather is great. I feel that if I don't win the primary I will throw my support behind Mr. Yates. Mr. Hawkins has to go!!!!!!! Whether by me or by someone else. I have enough commitments in the community to help defeat him in the fall. I think that fears the party because I have been open in telling them my plans. I plan on spending next week in Windsor Forest and the following weekend at the Prairie Village Little League. I think that to beat Mr. Hawkins I must carry Windsor Forest, Prairie Village and Villa Anna Subdivisions. I have talked at many different events and I think most of the candidates are missing the boat when it comes to where are problems lie. I agree with the bridges and the arena and the need for downtown expansion, however to make our community strong we must put partisanships aside and work to better our school system and provide a work force that best meets the needs of the 21st century. People ask me about my political experience, I reply I have the same amount of experience Mr. Hawkins had when he ran in 2002. I believe I have more common sense and I know I have more educational experiences.

There is certainly not much in the way of putting partisanship aside in order to accomplish a common good these days, mostly because I don't think we can agree on what the common good is. Dr. Thrasher has this one correct: Education is the key to job creation. How we, as a community, achieve that goal is still up in the air. But it is nice to agree once in a while, isn't it? Good luck to all worthy candidates on Tuesday.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Midweek Roundup

- The Southwest Center, a non-profit that provides services for people with developmental disabilities, is looking for both vendors and donated items for its community yard sale on June 4-5, 2010.  Booth rental is only $10. Items to be donated may be dropped off at the center, 8009 Terry Road.  Please lend these folks a hand if you are able. For more information, call 935-1848 or e-mail at

- Saturday is the 6th Annual Forest Fest at the Jefferson Memorial Forest. Enjoy a day of Bluegrass music, food, crafters, vendors and youth activities in the scenic surroundings of Jefferson Memorial Forest, May 15th from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Concert is free, parking is $5 per carload. For more info, call 574-1113, or the Jefferson Memorial Forest at 368-6856.

- The Butchertown Neighborhood Association presents the Butchertown Art Fair this Saturday, May 15th from 10am - 7pm, taking place in the 800 block of Washington Street. The Art Fair is known for showcasing the talent, creativity, and local aspects of the Butchertown community with the rest of Louisville.

The event will be held in conjunction with the Thomas Edison Home and Garden tour, which will also take place on the same date/time. For details on the Home and Garden tour, please contact Kristen Lutes 502-585-5247.

- CONSTRUCTION UPDATE:  There are two (2) new structures being completed on Dixie Highway in Valley Station, just south of Ashby Lane.  Mortenson Family Dental will open a practice next to the Valley Post Office on the site of a former convenience store, and a Waffle House will be built across from Dixie Bowl.  Hat tip to

Jerry's Boys Go Before Joint Meeting of Metro Council

Joint Meeting of Metro Council to hear from Administration concerning State Auditors report on Wednesday

Louisville – Officials from the Abramson Administration are set to appear before a joint meeting of the Metro Council’s Government Accountability and Oversight as well as Budget Committees on Wednesday, May 12th at 4:00pm.

“Two weeks ago, State Auditor Crit Luallen gave us her insights and justification for their “qualified” opinion for the recent state audit of FY 2009 Louisville Metro’s finances,” says Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh (D-9) who chairs the Government Accountability Committee. “Now we want to hear from the Administration how they plan to remedy the findings and repair the damage done to the public’s trust.”

“In two weeks, the Mayor will come before the Council to present his budget for the coming year,” says Councilman Jim King (D-10) who chairs the Budget Committee. “Members of the Council will be asking specific questions about any changes made keeping track of revenues and expenditures before the Mayor appears before us at the end of May. We will have an important and thorough budget review this year.”

Among those who will appear before the joint meeting are Jane C. Driskell, Director, Office of Management and Budget and representatives from the following departments: Corrections, Human Resources, Metro Animal Services, Louisville Fire and Rescue, Information technology, Kentuckiana Works, Metro Public Works and Assets, Housing and Family Services and the Emergency Management Agency.

The Joint Committee meets at 4:00pm in Council Chambers, Historic City Hall, 601 West Jefferson Street.

Following the joint meeting, a special meeting of the Budget Committee will be held to take up the matter of the firefighter’s settlement.

Both meetings will be broadcast live on Metro TV, Insight Cable Channel 25. It will also be web streamed live. Simply go to the Metro Council’s Home page at Click on the “Watch Meetings Online” icon.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Downward Spiral of Dumbness

- The Jefferson County School Board meets tonight to discuss Superintendent Sheldon Berman's stupid plan to close Frost Middle School. [CJ
HOT UPDATE: Berman does about-face, changes mind. [WFPL]

- Starting January 2011, you won't be allowed to send text messages while driving. You could receive a fine. So to avoid fines, just tell them you were dialing a phone number, which is still legal to do while driving. [WHAS11]

- I received an email from Doug Hawkins last week. It included an "endorsement" from his neighbor in Windsor Forest, Mrs. Kentucky 2001 Rachel Ford. Yes, that says "Mrs." Kentucky. She calls Hawkins a "True American Patriot". I think this is going a little too far, even for Hawkins. It also states Doug has never voted for a tax, rate or fee increase. This is incorrect. In 2003, Hawkins voted YES on an ordinance that set fees for alcoholic beverage licenses at old city of Louisville levels. This raised the cost (fees) of doing business for owners of businesses selling alcoholic beverages in the former county jurisdiction. In 2005, Hawkins voted YES allowing taxis to place surcharges on fares to offset high gasoline prices. This equals higher fares for cab rides.

The email also states Hawkins has never missed a council meeting. While perfect attendance is a great thing, it is, after all, what he is paid to do. This does not mean, however, he has been present for every vote on the council. He hasn't.

The facts are clear. Just look around you. People are still dissatisfied with metro government. They see no measurable improvement. It is time we sent someone to City Hall from District 25 that is interested in building relationships with others to bring home city dollars and improvements to Southwest Louisville.