Monday, May 10, 2010

The Downward Spiral of Dumbness

- The Jefferson County School Board meets tonight to discuss Superintendent Sheldon Berman's stupid plan to close Frost Middle School. [CJ
HOT UPDATE: Berman does about-face, changes mind. [WFPL]

- Starting January 2011, you won't be allowed to send text messages while driving. You could receive a fine. So to avoid fines, just tell them you were dialing a phone number, which is still legal to do while driving. [WHAS11]

- I received an email from Doug Hawkins last week. It included an "endorsement" from his neighbor in Windsor Forest, Mrs. Kentucky 2001 Rachel Ford. Yes, that says "Mrs." Kentucky. She calls Hawkins a "True American Patriot". I think this is going a little too far, even for Hawkins. It also states Doug has never voted for a tax, rate or fee increase. This is incorrect. In 2003, Hawkins voted YES on an ordinance that set fees for alcoholic beverage licenses at old city of Louisville levels. This raised the cost (fees) of doing business for owners of businesses selling alcoholic beverages in the former county jurisdiction. In 2005, Hawkins voted YES allowing taxis to place surcharges on fares to offset high gasoline prices. This equals higher fares for cab rides.

The email also states Hawkins has never missed a council meeting. While perfect attendance is a great thing, it is, after all, what he is paid to do. This does not mean, however, he has been present for every vote on the council. He hasn't.

The facts are clear. Just look around you. People are still dissatisfied with metro government. They see no measurable improvement. It is time we sent someone to City Hall from District 25 that is interested in building relationships with others to bring home city dollars and improvements to Southwest Louisville.


  1. Excellent point on the text messaging law. It's feel-good legislation that wasn't needed and difficult to enforce.

    Question: You state "people are dissatisfied with metro government." Just curious, would you support cleaning house in SW Louisville (which would include Welch, Henderson, & Blackwell - granted the last two couldn't happen until 2012), or are you of the opinion Hawkins is our only problem?

  2. People are dissatisfied with metro government as a whole, and have been throughout the city, not just in the SW portion of town. The mayoral election is testament to the fact, with no clear leaders and a majority of undecided voters just a week out from the election.

    I think if Hawkins were replaced, his successor would do well to create a SW Caucus, pledging to work together as a whole with the other South End councilpersons for the betterment of the area. The other districts in SW Louisville are faring better than the 25th, and the root cause is the failed leadership of Mr. Hawkins. He has failed to reach out to others on the council and by doing so, has no friends and no assistance. He cannot get anything passed. No progress can be made in District 25 until he leaves the seat.

    We in 25 are stranded while businesses open along Dixie Highway in District 12 and much needed road improvements and park expansions are gaining ground in Fairdale.

  3. That is laughable and clearly uber-partisan. You blame Hawkins, but I ask you to name one major piece of legislation CW Welch has sponsored? One major new business we can credit her bringing to D13? You can't...but perhaps that is Hawkins fault too.

    She has, however, used our tax dollars to promote her own re-election efforts, and fought to make Sudafed more expensive and difficult for the hard-working people of Louisville to obtain. She exploits the Aubry name every four years since she has nothing to offer herself.

  4. it's clearly partisan but it's the truth too