Saturday, May 08, 2010

Mayoral Forum in Valley Station Cancelled

UPDATE: The forum that was set for Saturday, May 8 featuring four (4) of the candidates for Louisville mayor has been canceled. Tim Childers, Valley Station resident and organizer of the event, says paperwork required to stage the forum at Valley High School was returned as incomplete by the Jefferson County Board of Education. Childers, via the event's facebook page, also claims some sort of wild conspiracy involving the school's principal and secretary as the reason for the cancellation.


  1. there's something wrong with that guy.

  2. There is definitely something serious wrong with this guy. He sounds like he is crazy!

  3. I know right! And he goes around telling people he is a councilman. I heard him talk one day and he is so ignorant. He is a basket case! Have you seen his facebook? Even more hilarious!