Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday Update - Cracker Barrel/First Quality Music news

- The Metro Planning Commission has approved a revised building plan that includes a Cracker Barrel restaurant in Valley Station to be located just north of the Dixie/Snyder interchange. It took nearly 8 years. Construction should begin this spring. The development also includes an El Nopal restaurant and other retail. [CJ]

- There's a good discussion going on over at Louisville History & Issues about Metro Government 2.0 and what it could mean to you. Do you want city services like trash pickup? Are you willing to pay a tax to receive it? Why or why not? [LouHI]

- Yes, the terrible madness at Metro Animal Services continues in Abramson's absence.[LEO Weekly]

- First Quality Music is facing hard times.  The SW Louisville instrument retailer and manufacturer is the subject of a NY Times blog entry that takes a detailed look at what is happening with the business. [Insider Louisville]

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

District 12 Dialogues for 2011 kick off with update on the Southwest Regional Library

Councilman Rick Blackwell announces the return of the District 12 Dialogues for 2011 and he will kick off this year’s series of meetings with an update on the proposed Southwest Regional Library.

“The new administration has renewed the commitment to moving forward with expanding the library system,” says Blackwell. “We want to continue the momentum for moving the Southwest Regional Library forward. This is an important project for all of Southwest Louisville.”

Nancye Browning of the Louisville Free Public Library system will be the featured speaker at this month’s District 12 Dialogue. She will give the latest updates on the project as well as answer questions about the next part of the process. She will also talk about programs now being offered at the current branch of the library on Dixie Highway.

The meeting will begin at 7:00pm at Shacklette Elementary School, 5310 Mercury Drive.

“This year we will see some new faces as we highlight government agencies in our District 12 Dialogues for 2011,” says Blackwell. “We are looking for suggestions for guests on upcoming dates.”

Representatives of Louisville Metro Police, MSD and Codes and Regulations will also be on hand to answer questions. In addition, a representative of Congressman John Yarmuth’s office will be in attendance. The scheduled dates and locations for 2011 are as follows, with all meetings beginning at 7pm:

February 15th Kerrick Elementary School; 2210 Upper Hunters Trace

March 15th Greenwood Elementary School; 5801 Greenwood Road

April 19th Southwest Government Center; 7219 Dixie Highway

May 17th Conway Middle School; 6300 Terry Road

June 21st Southwest Government Center; 7219 Dixie Highway

July 19th Ormsby Heights Baptist Church; 2120 Lower Hunters Trace

August 16th Southwest Government Center; 7219 Dixie Highway

September 20th Incarnation Catholic Church; 2229 Lower Hunters Trace

October 18th Southwest Government Center; 7219 Dixie Highway

November 15th Beechland Baptist Church; 4613 Greenwood Road

For more information about the January District 12 Dialogue or to learn more about other dialogues throughout the rest of the year, contact Councilman Blackwell’s office at 574-1112.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Meet & Greet for new LMPD 3rd Division Commander

Councilman Dan Johnson invites you to a "Meet & Greet" for LMPD 3rd Division Commander, Major Kelly Jones:

Friday, Jan 14, 2011

SISTER BEAN’S Coffee House

Have a cup of coffee on Dan & welcome Major Jones to the neighborhood.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Will Kentucky be the next Arizona? Observations of a heavily armed liberal in Louisville

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My thoughts on this weekend’s events are many, and they are complicated. In a few instances, they are contradictory.

But so what? I lived for eight years under the presidency of George W. Bush in these United States, and I never once tried to jack up a member of Congress.

These are strange and terrible times in Arizona and everywhere else in America, and we were warned. Hell, I even warned a few people.

So maybe we all share in the blame as a society for this weekend’s brutal murder of six people and the wounded survivors that include the main target, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. One didn’t have to own a crystal ball to see what was coming.

On one hand, I can’t stand any more progressives or liberals taking the “high road” on this. Those types of self-righteous, “non-violent” attitudes and holier-than-thou missives thrown from ivory towers are what got us here to begin with.

They refused to champion their own ideals and let the steamroller of Stone Age beliefs embodied in the Tea Party curb-stompers roll straight into power.

They sat on their hands and let Keith Olbermann do the talking as Sarah Palin’s “hit list” map was revealed, were quiet as church mice while crackpot Sharron Angle declared her “Second Amendment Solution” time after time on national television and kept silent as the conversation in this country turned curiously toward violence.

Hundreds of rally signs spotted and photographed at Tea Party rallies said, “I came unarmed … this time.”

All the left could muster to counter those now non-idle threats was a letter writing campaign to the New York Times.

Violence is the only thing these people understand, and the only thing the Republicans fear is a group of heavily-armed liberals.

But the right doesn’t have to worry about a gunfight. They’re fighting the Democrats.

They traditionally surrender before the fight starts. And they are doing it again by refusing to call a spade a spade when it comes to saying, out loud, why this happened.

On the other hand, I see many of my teabagging friends have lost their Internet connections and phone service this weekend. Nary a sound from them, except for a few who call the alleged shooter a “communist liberal.”

They should be, to preserve their own standing – or what is left of it – unilaterally condemning these types of actions. Considering that the far right has stoked the flames of violence to this degree is sickening.

They owe this country – indeed the world – an apology for turning what should be the envy of the planet (America) into a shooting match in a grocery store parking lot.

As of this writing, I am personally unaware of any public statements from Rush, Hannity, Palin or any other of those dingbats and dunces that own this mess.

Why not a call to “lock ‘em all up” or demand end to such crazed threats and actions? I believe they all share responsibility for the recent threats and violence because they never say “Don’t do that.” Instead, they put out political propaganda with gun targets on people’s faces and say “Let’s take ‘em out!”

What does that say to crazy people?

As I read on Facebook today, “It’s like Pontius Pilate saying, ‘Let’s not put any religious significance into this crucifixion thing.’ “

The left will react predictably and use this as an opportunity to push for tighter gun control. The right will do as always and attempt to distance itself from the heavily armed nutcases and wackos it relies upon to win elections.

What is next for America in 2011?

It looks like the best the public can hope for is the return of “Dancing With The Stars” or “American Idol” to soothe the psyche and properly numb the mind. Then the rest of us can get back to business.

As for me, I’m taking the advice of a long time friend just as I always have: “Buy more ammo.”