Friday, August 24, 2012

Blackwell and Yates to host 7th Annual Back to School Pool Party for southwest students in District 12 and 25

Councilmen Rick Blackwell (D-12) and David Yates (D-25) are hosting the 7th Annual Back to School Pool Party on Friday, August 31st from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at the Southwest YMCA.

“Now with school underway, this is a way to do something fun for kids and their parents as we say goodbye to summer and welcome a new school year,” says Blackwell.

The Southwest YMCA will open its doors for free swimming.

There will be free pizza and drinks will be provided.. Street Heat will perform for the event.

For Safety reasons the Southwest YMCA has the following rules in place:

· Family appropriate swim wear must be worn in the swimming pool. A white t-shirt can be worn on top of suit for women and as a shirt for men if you choose. Cut-off’s or denim shorts will not be permitted as swim wear in the pool. 

 · Minimum of one adult per child in the pool for children 6 and under. 

· One parent required to stay in pool area (not necessarily in the water) for children 7 and older. 

 · Children 7 and older who want to swim in the deep end will be required to take a safety test. 

 · This is a family event—an adult must stay with the children—no drop offs

“While we want everyone to have some fun and enjoy themselves, this will also be an opportunity to find out about the many programs the YMCA has to offer for children and adults in the area,” says Yates.

For more information about the 7th Annual Back to School Pool Party, contact Councilman Blackwell’s office at 574-1112 or Councilman Yates office at 574-1125. To learn more about the Southwest YMCA, call 502-933-9622. The Southwest Y is located at 2800 Fordhaven Road.