Thursday, December 15, 2011

A reader needs your help in locating an old friend

A Valley Report reader needs your help in locating some old friends and I have agreed to put out a call for information so that we may help him out.

If anyone remembers Richard or Edna Brown of Shively Records fame, please email me here. Our reader is looking to contact the Browns, who were owners of the former record store in the Shively Center back when Bacon's Department Store was in business.

Thanks for your cooperation. Hopefully we can help.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

3rd Division crime trends: Things are getting out of hand here

Ok, here are the most recent Crime Trends for the LMPD 3rd Division. Specific trends to be aware of are as follows:

- There were several thefts from autos and a home burglary reported along the Lower Hunters Trace corridor. ALL of these were the result of vehicles or homes being left unlocked and unattended. ALWAYS LOCK ALL DOORS AND WINDOWS WHILE AWAY.

- A silver Mazda 6 with KY license plate 672FET was reported stolen from a parking lot. Vehicle was left running, unlocked, with the keys inside. If you have any information for the police in reference to this crime, please call.

- The Smoke Shop on Terry Rd. was burglarized. Police are looking for a white male in his 20’s with a thin “chin strap” beard.

- There were 3 separate reports of car break-ins at Meadows South Nursing Home. In all thefts, the windows of the vehicles were broken out and valuables taken. Remember to hide all valuables or take them with you.

- Another theft report was taken by police where a man, dressed as a Louisville Water Co. employee, was let in to a home by the homeowner and proceeded to steal from them. If you have any information about this crime please call police.

- There were 2 reports of air conditioning units stolen from Hampton Place Ct. There were also 2 reports of MSD sewer grates taken from the area of Glimmer Way. Any info you may have, please don’t hesitate to call police.

- Again, there was a report of a home burglary and a theft from auto. Both the home and vehicle were UNLOCKED.

- A white male suspect was seen fleeing from a car break-in. The suspect vehicle police are looking for is a small tan or gold vehicle.

- There was a report of a home burglary off of Valley College Dr. The home was entered by force and many specific valuables were taken. Make sure to keep a good eye on any property where the occupants may be gone during normal, daytime working hours.

- Police are looking for a dark colored Chevy 4D occupied by a black male. The vehicle and suspect are wanted in reference to a home burglary.

- A Chevy pickup truck was observed taking wooden pallets from the 10000 block of Dixie Hwy. The license plate number of the wanted vehicle is KY tag 696LLV.

- A trailer was reported stolen with a 1999 Ford Ranger topper mounted to it. The suspect vehicle is reported as being a red or maroon older model Ford truck.

-2 separate thefts from autos were reported in Autumn Lake trailer park. In both thefts, force was used to enter the vehicles and take valuables. Remember to hide or remove all valuables from your car anytime you are away.

Authorites appreciate any help from the community to solve crime. Please talk to all of your friends, family members, social and professional organizations and make them aware of this new service the Louisville Metro Police Department is offering. The more the information gets out to the commmuntiy the better our chances of keeping Louisville safe.