Friday, June 12, 2009

Kenwood Drive-In Theater Closed

I have received word that the Kenwood Drive-In will not reopen under the current ownership. Here's the email from Ray Whitener:

For those of you who have not heard, the last of Louisville's drive-in theaters, the Kenwood is no more and will not be reopened under current ownership.

Drive-ins are being refurbished and can survive.

There has got to be a way!

I have provided links at the top of the Auburndale page that retells many fond memories and those fighting to prevent this bit of Americana from disappearing from the South Louisville landscape.

The Auburndale Neighborhood Group will be discussing this and other issues on June 23rd at 7pm. Details and location can be found by clicking HERE.

End Of Line For Valley Post Office?

The Ville Voice is reporting on rumors surrounding the closure of the Valley Station Post Office. Here's an excerpt:

Bob Henderson, the District 14 Metro Councilman, confirmed that there had been rumors coming from within the branch that a move to the Pleasure Ridge Park branch might be in the works.

In addition, we had multiple sources advise us that workers at the Valley Station branch had been ordered to keep news of any impending changes from the media and that they weren’t to discuss the matter publicly. Citizens say the branch is always busy.

The location is always busy, especially after the stamp vending machines were removed from the lobby last year. An individual that wants to buy stamps must wait in line with people mailing packages. Area residents had placed a new post office near the top of their "wants list" for the neighborhood, and are sure to be disappointed in this development.

The permanent closure of a post office is more than a business decision. To some it represents progress. Others see it as the death of the community; a post office puts you "on the map" they say. The local post office is part of the community's identity. There was one hell of a fight to get a post office in Valley Station. There should be one hell of a fight to keep it.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June District 12 Dialogue to Feature KY Lawmakers

Kentucky lawmakers to attend June District 12 Dialogue
Ormsby Heights Baptist Church to host Tuesday, June 16th event

Louisville – Councilman Rick Blackwell has invited members of Jefferson County’s Legislative Delegation to the next District 12 Dialogue on Tuesday, June 16th at the Ormsby Heights Baptist Church.
“Our State Representatives and Senators will have just begun a special session on the budget to deal with the current economic crisis,” says Blackwell. “This will be a chance to learn what kind of options are on the table in Frankfort in dealing with shortfalls that could affect Metro Louisville.”
Senator Perry Clark as well as Representatives Tim Firkins, Joni Jenkins, Dennis Horlander, Charlie Miller and Ron Weston will be among the lawmakers to discuss issues and answer questions from the group.
Joining state lawmakers at the meeting will be representatives from Louisville Metro Police, the Division of Licensing and Permits, Neighborhoods and MSD to answer questions about programs or concerns. A representative of Congressman John Yarmuth's office will also be in attendance.
“You do not have to have a question about the state budget to attend,” says Blackwell. “Our delegation is also helpful in many projects around the area that deal with safety and economic development, so I encourage you to come and meet them.”
Ormsby Heights Baptist Church is located at 2120 Lower Hunters Trace.
For more information about the June District 12 Dialogue, contact Councilman Blackwell's office at 574-1112.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

New Bethel "Open Carry" Commentary

When this story about carrying guns in church floated to the top of the water, my phone rang incessantly. I tried to ignore the hype. I was on vacation, you know. At first I thought it was some organized practical joke effort by my professional and highly-trusted Advisory Board. I figured there was no way a church in my neighborhood would put on this half-cocked craziness. Naturally, I was wrong.

They are having a raffle at New Bethel Church on Gun Day, June 27. You can win a handgun. On this day you can also take part in the "false idol" worship of the almighty handgun, an activity that seems to be on the rise in "churches" across America. There, I said it. It is false idol worship.

People picnicking and going to church while strapped with "unloaded" handguns is odd in the worst way. It is like seeing pictures of children at a Klan rally dressed in miniature robes. It is indoctrination of the worst kind into a world of paranoia and fear. This is not a church service. It is a political rally, and it should be exposed as such. The website that explains the service is located HERE. I don't see anything about God or Jesus or peace or love or faith on that page.

This is just the latest embarrassment for Southwest Louisville and Valley Station. Is there hope for us? Let me know. Fire away in the comments section.

SW Farmers Market

Fresh fruits and vegetables made a return to the parking lot of Valley High School this past weekend when the Southwest Farmers Market began its second year on Saturday.

“Because of last year’s success, the Southwest Farmers Market is back in business again,” says Councilman Bob Henderson (D-14). “This is a great way to help local farmers and at the same time help our local economy.”

This year the Farmers Market will be open for business from 9:00am to 1:00pm. It will run every Saturday through the month of October. Valley High School is located at 10200 Dixie Highway.

“This is truly a community oriented Farmers Market, it needs our help to be successful,” says Henderson. “There are a great many people who have worked hard to bring these kinds of fresh produce to us out in the Southwest.”

If you would like more information about the Southwest Farmers Market you can go online to: . If you would like to be a vendor you can call 935-0310, ext 239 or send an email to