Friday, March 04, 2011

Yates to partner with SW Dems to open regional office, talks of new library

David Yates (D-25)
In a small second-floor office inside Metro Hall, Councilman David Yates is brimming with enthusiasm about the future of Louisville's 25th District. "We have a lot going on, and it's exciting to be a part of it.." he says. "Things are definitely looking up".

The view from the office isn't bad, either.

But the view, like all things, will change soon as Yates and Legislative Assistant Marty Meyer move into new digs on the third floor in the coming weeks.

Yates is currently the only council Democrat on the second floor.

As I sit suffering through the tyranny of scalding-hot government coffee, the three of us recount the days leading up to Yates' win over the previous occupant, which saw fit to run off with - among other things- the batteries to every remote control in the office.

We quickly tired of such inconsequential nonsense and switched gears to the future, which happens to be quite bright.

Councilman Yates will be partnering with his fellow south-end Democrats on the Metro Council to open a Southwest "regional office" where constituents from districts 12, 13, 14, and 25 can go to access government services, ask questions and get information without having to make the trip downtown. The office should be operating within the next several weeks and will cost taxpayers next to nothing. Marty Meyer explained as thus: "We are getting a desk from surplus. We are getting a computer from surplus. The costs, which will be split among the participating councilpersons are very, very minimal and the return on that investment will be huge."

"It certainly makes us more accessible to those we serve," says Yates.

As the talk turns toward the new Southwest Regional Library, Yates hands me a list of impressive highlights:
  • 40,000 square feet - twice the size of the current branch, second in size only to the main library
  • The popular children's section will be the largest in the library system
  • The library will save $200,000 in rent they currently spend for the smaller, existing branch
Yates says he "cannot wait" for the project to get started and calls it the "crown jewel" of the library system.

Speaking to resident concerns about new and expanding retail development, the councilman promises to pursue, to the extent possible, all options to bring better stores to the community and pledges to build consensus through outreach towards neighborhood associations, saying "We want everyone at the table,"

Both Yates and Meyer stressed the importance of communicating to the residents of District 25, particularly among those grown accustomed to regular email updates. You can subscribe to the District 25 E-Newsletter by clicking HERE, or by visiting the District 25 homepage.

Please take the time to sign up and get involved. You will be glad you did.

Monday, February 28, 2011

District 12 Coffee with your Councilman set for Saturday March 5th

March signals the coming of spring and many people are gearing up to get out and about on the weekend to shake off the cold of winter. Councilman Rick Blackwell is offering the chance to have a chat over a warm drink at the District 12 “Coffee with your Councilman” on Saturday March, 5th.

“We have made it through another winter and I am sure there may be those folks who have an idea or a suggestion for Metro Louisville to look into,” says Blackwell. “That’s why I want to make myself available in a very informal setting to listen to what anyone might have to say. I’ll even buy the coffee.”

The event will take place at Sister Beans, 5225 New Cut Rd beginning at 10:00am. There is no formal program, just stop by and talk with the Councilman.

For more information about the March “Coffee with your Councilman”, contact Councilman Blackwell’s office at 574-1112.