Friday, March 12, 2010

Southwest Pride Community Cleanup

Once again, residents and businesses from Pleasure Ridge Park to Valley Station are invited to come out and help make the community a better and cleaner place to live through the 2010 Southwest Pride Community Cleanup on Saturday, March 27th.
“This is a great community event and it is always nice to see so many people, families and groups come out, roll their sleeves up and get to work,” says Councilman Rick Blackwell (D-12). “This shows great pride in our community and sense of accomplishment.”
The Southwest Pride Community Cleanup will get underway on Saturday, March 27th as part of the citywide Brightside Spring Cleanup. It gets underway at 9:00am. Volunteers will meet at 7503 Dixie Highway, next to Fairleigh Pet Center.
“This cleanup comes at a time when we see trash all over many areas of our community,” says Henderson. “I want to thank the people who always come out to help us. It a shame others do not take more pride in our community and stop throwing trash everywhere.”
For that last six years, the Pleasure Ridge Park Area Business Association has organized the cleanup. This year cash prizes are being offered for those who bring at least 20 volunteers per group. There is also a cash prize for the two groups with the largest amount of volunteers. Groups can register for the cleanup beginning at 8:30am.
“The groups are very important to the cleanup but over the years, we have seen a good many individuals come out and do their part as well,” says Blackwell. “This is a good way to meet other people who care about how our community looks.”
Coffee and donuts will be provided before the cleanup gets underway. Supplies such as bags and gloves will also be provided by Brightside.
“All across the city of hundreds of people will be joining their neighbors to do some good work,” says Henderson. “We need the volunteers, you will enjoy yourself. “
For more information about the Southwest Pride Community Cleanup, contact Kim Leanhart at 502-367-3880. Or contact either the office of Councilman Rick Blackwell at 574-1112 or Councilman Bob Henderson’s office at 574-1114.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hits & Misses

- In the latest email blast from Councilman Doug Hawkins, he discusses the issue of requiring a prescription for over-the-counter drugs like Pseudoephedrine. Pseudoephedrine is a main component in the manufacture of methamphetamine, but it also a powerful decongestant used in medicines like Sudafed. As we approach spring, more and more people will be reaching for these types of medicines to treat seasonal allergies. Hawkins says he disagrees with the proposal to require a doctor's prescription for Pseudoephedrine, as do I. I think the system that monitors who is buying Pseudoephedrine and how often they buy it is effective if used correctly. This proposal essentially transfers the responsibility to the doctor to "police" the availability of these medicines, and I think that's wrong. So, Hawkins and I agree. But the reason Doug doesn't like the idea shows just how out of touch he is with his constituents. And reality.

"I oppose this resolution," says Councilman Doug Hawkins. "It does not make sense to inconvenience law abiding citizens by forcing them to go see a doctor just to receive an over the counter prescription for cold medicine. Most people right now do not have the extra money to spend on a co-pay for a doctor's visit plus a co-pay for a prescription"

For Hawkins to assume that everyone has health insurance and can just run to the doctor is alarming and shows a basic lack of understanding. It is not because people can afford the co-payments, Doug. It's because they're uninsured.

- "Chronic vandalism" could force Metro Parks to permanently close the Sylvania Community Center. [CJ]

- There are only 52 days until Derby 2010.

- In another email, this time from the David Tandy for Mayor campaign, Tandy takes credit for getting two (2) new parking garages downtown.  He will join Mayor Abramson tomorrow for a groundbreaking ceremony. Yes, for parking garages. They are really stretching it over at Tandy Headquarters. Read more:

These are the types of projects that David has worked hard to bring to Louisville as President of the Metro Council, and the type of commitment to economic development project.

I think that quote is all ye need to know about David Tandy and his campaign for Mayor. Have a nice day, and thanks for reading The Valley Report.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Insane and Extreme Behavior in Frankfort

Two Republican idiots in the Kentucky State House of Representatives are so preoccupied with insanely bad politics that they are jeopardizing the only good legislation emanating from that particular chamber this session. Rep. David Floyd (R-Bardstown) and Rep. Tim Moore (R-Elizabethtown) are guilty of dereliction of duty and conduct unbecoming elected officials in this Commonwealth, and that is saying something.  Their crazy abortion amendments to a combined seven (7) good bills have surely wrecked each and caused the few sane legislators in the House to go into a defensive crouch.  Is this what we deserve? Is this "good government"? Yes to the former, hell no to the latter.  Any crowd that would elect either of these morons to any office deserves exactly what they are receiving.  You can read about the affected bills and the religious insanity surrounding both perpetrators HERE, courtesy of the baby-killers at the CJ.

This is the "lowest common denominator" style of politics, the kind I abhor, that is used successfully and exclusively on rubes and hapless dupes nationwide, where logic and reason are casualties in a war against reality.  These two hacks, if they even rise to that level, are pure scum that do not even deserve to witness a session of the state legislature, much less participate in it.  If you are against abortion, that is fine and that is your right as a Kentuckian and as an American.  But you have no right, NONE, to destroy good legislation that could actually help this sorry, bankrupt, backward-ass state that happens to be inundated with sick, undereducated, uninsured and abused children.

Floyd and Moore believe in a right to a life without any rights. Or hope. Or health. Or proper pediatric care.  May the Good Lord see fit to exact a full and fitting punishment for this, our Commonwealth's greatest legislative embarrassment of the 21st Century.  Smite them, O Lord, and afflict them with painful testicles for all the days of their lives.

Amen to that.

Meanwhile, behind the facade of innocent-looking homes from Pikeville to Paducah, mothers struggle with ways to provide medicine for sick children, or the means to pony up $20 per month so their kid can get KCHIP.  And the games in Frankfort play on....