Friday, March 12, 2010

Southwest Pride Community Cleanup

Once again, residents and businesses from Pleasure Ridge Park to Valley Station are invited to come out and help make the community a better and cleaner place to live through the 2010 Southwest Pride Community Cleanup on Saturday, March 27th.
“This is a great community event and it is always nice to see so many people, families and groups come out, roll their sleeves up and get to work,” says Councilman Rick Blackwell (D-12). “This shows great pride in our community and sense of accomplishment.”
The Southwest Pride Community Cleanup will get underway on Saturday, March 27th as part of the citywide Brightside Spring Cleanup. It gets underway at 9:00am. Volunteers will meet at 7503 Dixie Highway, next to Fairleigh Pet Center.
“This cleanup comes at a time when we see trash all over many areas of our community,” says Henderson. “I want to thank the people who always come out to help us. It a shame others do not take more pride in our community and stop throwing trash everywhere.”
For that last six years, the Pleasure Ridge Park Area Business Association has organized the cleanup. This year cash prizes are being offered for those who bring at least 20 volunteers per group. There is also a cash prize for the two groups with the largest amount of volunteers. Groups can register for the cleanup beginning at 8:30am.
“The groups are very important to the cleanup but over the years, we have seen a good many individuals come out and do their part as well,” says Blackwell. “This is a good way to meet other people who care about how our community looks.”
Coffee and donuts will be provided before the cleanup gets underway. Supplies such as bags and gloves will also be provided by Brightside.
“All across the city of hundreds of people will be joining their neighbors to do some good work,” says Henderson. “We need the volunteers, you will enjoy yourself. “
For more information about the Southwest Pride Community Cleanup, contact Kim Leanhart at 502-367-3880. Or contact either the office of Councilman Rick Blackwell at 574-1112 or Councilman Bob Henderson’s office at 574-1114.

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