Thursday, October 21, 2010

Owen alleges Allen/Heiner deal :Complete, total Mayoral shenanigans ensue

Metro Council hypocrite Tom Owen has alleged Hal Heiner offered something in return for Tyler Allen's endorsement in the mayoral race, mirroring a damaging revelation uncovered by Leo Weekly that Jackie Green was offered a job in a Greg Fischer administration in return for dropping out of the closely contested election.

The backstabbing has begun, and no one knows how it will end. Just remember: As the camel falls to its knees, more knives are drawn.

On the surface, Owen's allegation seems cheap. Tyler Allen was not an active candidate upon endorsing Heiner unlike Jackie Green, who was running a full-throttle - if ineffective - campaign. I think that matters.

The most highly-anticipated race in Louisville has exploded into a full-blown scandal. Stay tuned....

Ground broken for Fairdale library

Metro Councilwoman Vicki Aubrey Welch (D-13) was on hand for today’s groundbreaking of the new $2 million Fairdale branch of the Louisville Free Public Library. She has released the following statement:
“This is a great day for all areas of District 13 because I see this new state of the art library as a community builder that enhances many other positive things going on in the Fairdale area. I appreciate the Library Board realizing the needs for such a facility in our community.

In the near future, a sidewalk connector for the students at Coral Ridge Elementary will provide for easier access. Like the students at Fairdale Elementary, they will be able to use this new library to enhance their education. I was able to during the budget hearings to make sure was added in the general budget.

This is also a great day for the people who have supported and pushed for a new Fairdale library for many years. Their hard work, faith and volunteer efforts along with the staff of the current library facility have made this truly a great day for all of us.”

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday Updates

- Architects have completed plans for the new Southwest Regional Library that is planned to be built in Valley Station. The public is welcome to view the architect's renderings of the new library at the current Southwest Library on Tuesday, October 26 at 6:30pm, 10375 Dixie Highway. [The Local Weekly]

Southwest Pride Community Clean-Up: Saturday, October 23, 7053 Dixie Highway. Cleanup is from 9:00am until noon. Registration begins at 8:30am.  For more info, contact Kim Leanhart at 502-367-3880 or

- According to the site, Jack Conway's "Aqua Buddha" ad isn't all that far from the truth. []

Monday, October 18, 2010

District 25 beat down - Must see video!

The debate that took place last week between District 25 incumbent Doug Hawkins and challenger David Yates is now available for viewing via Metro TV. Click HERE to see all the gritty goodness.

Analysis: Hawkins turns to jelly and interrupts, goes over time, disregards the rules and -as if we expected anything different- generally acts like a horse's ass for 30 minutes.

Voters in the 25th finally have a gin-clear choice in November. The ineffective, unethical laughingstock or a new, real leader with fresh ideas and new perspectives.

Please leave your comments below after viewing this savage beat down.