Saturday, November 06, 2010

Paul to U.S. workers: The war is on

Confirming our suspicions, Senator-elect Rand Paul has hired one of the most anti-union bastards in the country to be his Chief of Staff, thus having applied the "boot heel" to the throat of America's union workers.

Doug Stafford, former Vice President of the National Right to Work Committee, believes in absolute corporate tyranny - total freedom for businesses to do whatever they like while employees are fitted with leg irons and ball gags.

Stafford's ruthlessly conservative opinions are well documented. (See HERE - hat tip to Ville Voice)

Paul and Stafford are part of a group of millionaires that want to take away a worker's right to organize, lobby for better conditions and bargain collectively all while protecting the businesses right to join things like manufacturer associations that lobby for weaker safety laws and bargain collectively with other companies.

This move should come as no surprise to anyone that followed Paul and his insane campaign, but should be recognized as what it is: A slap in the face to American workers.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Sun Valley Health Fair

Senior citizens in Southwestern Louisville have a chance to take advantage of a special health fair provided by the Sun Valley Community Center which will get underway on Thursday, November 18th.

“This is a chance for senior citizens to get some very valuable information about healthy lifestyles,” says Councilman Bob Henderson (D-14). “The Center has gathered several different agencies and groups in one place to provide information and in some cases free screenings.”

Among the groups on hand, Humana, Gilda’s Club of Louisville, Silver Sneakers and the Department of Public Health and Wellness. The Health Fair will be held from 10:00am to 1:00pm.

The Sun Valley Center will be providing lunch as long as reservations are made in advance. The number for the Center is 937-8802.

“For those seniors who take advantage of the health fair will also have a chance to see and learn more about the various programs offered by this great Community Center,” says Henderson. “There are many programs and activities out here for people of all ages.”

The Sun Valley Community Center is located at 6505 Bethany Lane.

For more information about the Health Fair, call the Sun Valley Community Center at 937-8802.

District 12 Coffee - November 6th

Councilman Rick Blackwell is once again inviting residents of District 12 to come out for “Coffee with your Councilman” this Saturday, November 6th.

“Come have a cup of coffee on me and share your thoughts and ideas for the district. Though it will be just a few days after the election, we may want to discuss the priorities that we want to communicate to our new Mayor.” says Blackwell.

The event will take place at Sister Beans, 5225 New Cut Road beginning at 10:00am.

“Some constituents feel more comfortable in an informal setting talking about their ideas. The concept is spreading too. Several Council members now offer their own variation of the idea” says Blackwell.

For more information about the November “Coffee with your Councilman”, contact Councilman Blackwell’s office at 574-11

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Yates knocks ogre off perch in 25th - Welch turns back Davis in Lucky 13

 What a day for Southwest Louisville.

David Yates beat Doug Hawkins last night in the closely watched election for the 25th District Metro Council seat. Yates will take over a promising district badly neglected since merger.

The 25th district finally has a representative that can go to City Hall and work with others to get things done on our behalf instead of one that stomps around and, like an insolent child, could use a beating.

Hawkins' political career is most likely over. After losing a race for state representative and state senate, Doug needed a win to avoid Strike Number Three. He failed.

Not only did Hawkins lose, but so did his stablemate Renay Davis.

Voters have, for the second straight time, rejected Renay in Louisville's 13th District. Observers say the tactics used during the contest were "almost as dirty as the shit that went down in the 25th with Hawkins". A dazzling array of nasty robo-calls, negative mailers and whisper campaigns was not enough to beat incumbent Vicki Welch.

Welch attributes her win to "staying positive" during the campaign and highlighting her results as Councilwoman. She says she looks forward to working with Councilman-elect David Yates to move Southwest Louisville forward.

"We finally have a partner", says Welch.

A longer version of this article can be seen at Insider Louisville.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Hawkins crew resorts to stealing signs, says Yates

In a press release just issued, 25th Metro District candidate David Yates says American Patriot and cheap bully Doug Hawkins is responsible for the theft of ''hundreds'' of Yates for Council yard signs.

It's a weak and desperate move and the mark of a loser.


Louisville, Ky - Over the past two evenings, hundreds of "David Yates for Metro Council" Yard Sign have been stolen across the 25th District. Yates, the democratic candidate for Metro Council's 25th District, said that his campaign has received numerous emails that supporters' yard sign have been stolen from their yards. Additionally, Yates' yard sign was the only one stolen at homes with multiple yards signs of other democratic candidates.

"This is nothing more than Doug Hawkins being Doug Hawkins," Yates said. "Year after year Councilman Hawkins pulls these antics, and voters are going to go to the polls this year and show that they're tired of his tricks. I'm expecting a robocall tonight from Hawkins to voters with some outrageous lie about me and my family."

Yates filed a report with the police department Monday afternoon after spending hours canvassing and noticing that his yard signs were gone. Yates' campaign distributed over 600 signs during the past month, and the campaign believes that over 300 have been stolen in the past 48 hours.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dan Seum: What have you done for me lately?

Dan Seum, former Democrat-turned-Republican-turned-Teabagger, is up for reelection on Tuesday. Dan is a man whose last major accomplishment was helping to eliminate the VET program in 2003.

That's seven (7) years to you and me.

Dan is content to hang his hat on VET testing as a means to keep his seat - a seat that has been thoroughly warmed by the long-time incumbent. In an age where media outlets and loudmouths tell us to "throw the bums out", career politicians like Dan should be having a tough time.

In recent weeks, Seum & Co. have resorted to running radio commercials and using Doug Hawkins' metro government email list to reach voters. The radio piece is conspicuously misleading and paints Seum as a caped hero to whom we should all rally behind. Dan is adept at negative campaigning and during this election cycle has aligned himself with some of the trade's worst purveyors of negativity.

This Tuesday, will you vote for accomplishments of long ago? Or will you take a look at a positive message of progress?

Fire off in the 'comments' section.

To see a map of the 38th District, click HERE.