Saturday, November 06, 2010

Paul to U.S. workers: The war is on

Confirming our suspicions, Senator-elect Rand Paul has hired one of the most anti-union bastards in the country to be his Chief of Staff, thus having applied the "boot heel" to the throat of America's union workers.

Doug Stafford, former Vice President of the National Right to Work Committee, believes in absolute corporate tyranny - total freedom for businesses to do whatever they like while employees are fitted with leg irons and ball gags.

Stafford's ruthlessly conservative opinions are well documented. (See HERE - hat tip to Ville Voice)

Paul and Stafford are part of a group of millionaires that want to take away a worker's right to organize, lobby for better conditions and bargain collectively all while protecting the businesses right to join things like manufacturer associations that lobby for weaker safety laws and bargain collectively with other companies.

This move should come as no surprise to anyone that followed Paul and his insane campaign, but should be recognized as what it is: A slap in the face to American workers.


  1. Ah Hell, that's what these ignorant asses get and evidently want, it's just they drag us down with them. I say we take our Country back the old fashion way. both sides march into the middle of the field and shoot it out winner take all..

  2. This is a slap in the face and a foot in the ass to the fools that supported Paul that are union members.With the race to the bottom for workers wages and benefits at full speed, let Rand Paul stand at the front of the line with the hiring of such a prick as Stafford. The ads in Kentucky by American Crossroads against Conway came with more than money but with Doug Stafford to be the point man for end of workers rights. Paul's history for Kentucky workers chapter 1.

  3. Forgive them for they know not what they did.