Monday, November 08, 2010

Yates preparing to assume office

Although Councilman-Elect David Yates doesn't officially take office until January, he has already begun preparing to assume the responsibilities of representing the 25th District.

Yates has outlined an interview process to select a Legislative Assistant (LA). "I have had calls from numerous qualified people inquiring about being a 25th district LA." and says the interview will insure "...District 25 has the best LA we can get."

Shortly after taking office, Yates plans on instituting regular meetings with constituents to share ideas and concerns. Currently, Districts 14 and 25 are the only ones in Southwest Louisville without a regularly scheduled meeting for residents.

Despite not hearing from his old nemesis Doug Hawkins, Yates says he wishes him the best and adds, "The election is over. It’s time that we work to move the South End forward and show the rest of the city our positive side."

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