Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mr. Lou's Country Cottage closes its doors

From The Local Weekly:
"In another sign of hard economic times Mr. Lou's Country Cottage Kitchen on Valley Station Road has closed their doors. A long time Valley Station favorite for good affordable home cooked food recently went out of business. A poor economy and competition from new restaurants in the area was too much for Mr. Lou's to survive. Another reminder to support your locally owned and operated business."


  1. Quality of service was suffering way before they closed the doors. That probably had alot to do with business dropping off. Jesse's still stays busy and they're a mile down the road. Wonder what they're doing differently from Lou's?

  2. Good point. Lou's had changed owners several times and the current owners seem to have let the place slide down the tubes. Especially when they allegedly ran off all the old help.

    An interesting aside: Many of the cooks and servers that left Lou's are now working at Nana's Kitchen, a successful joint occupying the former place known as The Swamp, 5300 Cane Run Rd. Try it, you'll be back.