Friday, October 15, 2010

Video of State Senator Dan Seum "manhandling" private citizen

Here it is...the video that we have been waiting for. Dan Seum forcefully grabbing a citizen that was trying to record the illegal and unethical Rand Paul rally held at the Southwest Government Center last month. The whole story can be found HERE.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Yarmuth touts local jobs in new ads

Amateur hour no 'happy hour' for Powers/Donohue

Two Kentucky House candidates on the ballot in November are alleged to have made monumentally stupid mistakes in filing the required paperwork to get on said ballot, and at least one of them is being declared ineligible.

Judge Irv Maze threw Gail Powers out on her teabagging ass in the 44th district, saying one of the two required signatures on her petition came from someone outside the legislative district. Powers has said she will appeal, which is almost as mindless as the out-of-district signature on her petition. She'll still be on the ballot, but no one will be counting votes for her unless, by some miracle, she wins her phony appeal. Powers was running against incumbent Joni Jenkins, who would have stomped her like a water roach.

In the other totally absurd case, Jeff Donohue's candidacy in the state's 37th District is being challenged. Paul Holliger, candidate for Soil and Water Conservation Supervisor, filed a lawsuit that alleges one of the signatures on Donohue's petition comes from someone living outside the district, which is the same goofy mistake made by Powers in the 44th. As of now, there is no court date set for Holliger's complaint.

Donohue is in complete denial. He stated in a CJ article on the matter that his campaign was going to "move forward". After watching it closely for weeks, I wasn't sure it had yet begun. The mistake, honest or not, could insure victory for Wade Hurt, Donohue's Republican opponent. If there was one race in the Commonwealth in which BOTH candidates should lose, it is this one in KY House 37.

Problems like these are a sign of the times. There are questions we should be asking new candidates. Things like: How can we elect you if you can't follow the rules to get on the ballot? Did you even read the rules to get on the ballot? Can you spell "ballot"? Who is advising you to do this?

Check back for more on this terrible series of events later, and thanks for reading The Valley Report.

Correction: This entry was corrected to properly identify the district in which candidate Jeff Donohue is running. It is the state's 37th Legislative District, not the 38th as I had previously written.. The Valley Report regrets the late-night error.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Coal Ash Public Forum - This Thursday!

The Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection, part of the Energy and Environmental Cabinet, has received a special waste application from Louisville Gas and Electric, Cane Run Station located in Jefferson County. The administrative portion of the application has been deemed complete and review of the technical portion of the application has begun. This application, if approved, would expand the facility by 49.4-acres and allows the disposal of industrial wastes generated from the combustion of coal for electrical generation.

The cabinet has scheduled a public forum to be held on October 14, 2010, 6:00 p.m. at Conway Middle School, 6300 Terry Road, Louisville, Kentucky.

The purpose of this forum is to educate the public about the laws and regulations governing special waste, discuss the facility's proposal, and to answer questions concerning the proposed application. In addition to representatives from the Solid Waste Branch, State and EPA Region IV Superfund personnel will be available to discuss the Lee's Lane Landfill. The format will be question and answer in small groups, with no central meeting. The public may come anytime between 6 pm to 9pm to ask questions or receive information. It is not necessary to attend the entire length of the event. The cabinet provides, on request, reasonable accommodations necessary to afford an individual with a disability an equal opportunity to participate in all services, programs, and activities. To request information in an alternative format, contact Anita Young at 502-564-6716.

Tip O' the hat to my friends at The Local Weekly.

Renegade unions air anti-Larry Clark ad

October "District 12 Dialogue"

Members of the Louisville Jefferson County Legislative Delegation have been invited by Councilman Rick Blackwell to the next District 12 Dialogue set for Tuesday, October 19th at the Southwest Government Center.

“It is important to give everyone access to the lawmakers who represent us in Frankfort,” says Blackwell. “We have another session coming up in January and this will be an opportunity to see what issues are being considered.”

The October District 12 Dialogue begins at 7:00pm. The Southwest Government Center is located at 7219 Dixie Highway.

Joining the lawmakers will be representatives of other Metro Government agencies including MSD, Licensing and Permits, Neighborhoods and Public Works. A Representative of Congressman John Yarmuth’s office will also be on hand

“Like Members of the Metro Council, State Senators and Representatives need to know what you think about issues,” says Blackwell. “So I hope everyone will take the time to get involved with what’s going on in Frankfort.”

For more information about the October District 12 Dialogue, contact Councilman Blackwell’s Office at 574-1112.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Full-Tilt Bullsh!t

UPDATE: A revised, longer version of this article can be seen HERE at Insider Louisville. - Brian

State Senator Dan Seum has spent nearly three (3) decades in elected office. Dan represents the state's 38th District, some of which is in Southwest Louisville. He is 70 years old.

Seum has a pattern of blowing hot and cold on issues and cannot make up his mind on which political party he wants to be affiliated with. Shortly after being re-elected in 1999 as a Democrat, he switched parties and became a Republican. This switch threw the power to David Williams and has allowed the ogre-like Williams to essentially paralyze the Commonwealth by stopping all progress in the legislature.

Today we find Dan Seum chasing after the Tea Party vote. Although Seum hasn't been seen out in the community or in his district talking with regular voters, he can always be found at Tea Party rallies or other closed-door events, complaining about taxes and government. He sees no problem, however, in lining his pockets with extra money from "the government" during Special Sessions for failing to do his job in passing a state budget.

People like the elderly Dan Seum want Frankfort politicians and bureaucrats to run the Jefferson County School system, then crowing about "local control" when it comes to other issues.

I have family members that have known Dan Seum for many years. They go way back to the "Malano" days, when Dan's restaurant/bar was rumored to be a hot spot, and not always in a good way. Even the old folks say Dan has changed more than his party affiliation. "It's like that old Dan never existed", they say.

A racehorse that is beyond his prime doesn't know he can't do it anymore. He has to have someone put him out to pasture. Let's do the humane thing. Retire Dan Seum.

Second Sunday Health Initiative

Second Sunday Health Initiative

Wondering what Second Sunday is all about?
Join Us and Find Out!

Sunday, October 10, 2010 - 1:00 - 5:00 PM
Iroquois Park Amphitheatre and Park
(New Cut Road at Southern Parkway)
Free Admission

*Kohl’s 2010 Family Walk, Run and Bike presented by Kosair Children’s Hospital

“Pathways to Health” presented by JCPS’ Health Promotion Schools of Excellence

*Children’s Activities presented by Junior League of Louisville

*Radio Disney & tethered hot air balloon rides presented by Kosair Children’s Hospital

*Games & Inflatables

*University of Louisville Pavilion

*Trainers for Kids Exercise Course

*Guided Walk from Summit Field to the Playground presented by the Olmsted Conservancy

*“The Body” exhibit and activity presented by Louisville Science Center

*Walking and Biking Course

*25 Mile Bike Ride through Louisville’s Olmsted Parks presented by Bike Club of Louisville

*Exhibits and Demonstrations

*Health Screenings

*Stage and Walk About Entertainment

*Nutrition Exhibits and Demonstrations

*Farmers Markets coordinated by Jefferson County Extension Service

*Food and Beverage Samplings and Sales

And Much More!

Join Kentuckians in110+ Counties that day for an afternoon of fun that focuses on changing lives for the better . . . one step at a time!

For additional information, contact:
Dell Courtney, Coordinator; 502-228-5237