Saturday, February 21, 2009

Qdoba Coming to Southwest Louisville

FYI: A Qdoba Mexican Grill franchise will open soon at the site of the old Hollywood Video store on Dixie Highway, directly in front of the Home Depot store and across the highway from Dixie Manor Shopping Center. From the information I received, the company is extremely picky about the locations of the stores, in a sign that bodes well for Southwest Louisville's ability to lure more diverse dining establishments. The restaurant will occupy a run-down space that is only rented out to those silly Halloween costume stores. HERE is a menu.

Qdoba currently has seven Louisville locations.

Friday, February 20, 2009

This Is Awesome - Lansing Mayor Kicks Ass on Faux News

Somebody bring this guy to Louisville!

Take Out The Trash Day

Friday has traditionally been known as "take out the trash day" when it comes to bad news, the thinking being that since people pay less attention to news on Friday, it's a great day to dump all the real news and have it ignored by the general public, while still being able to say "we told them". So, in the spirit of delivering the goods, The Valley Report has hand-picked a few stories of note that have just come off the wires to grab your attention. To wit:

- Aegon, the insurance and retirement investment giant, is laying off 40 people in Louisville due to bad economic conditions. This news comes as the mayor continually cites health care as a growth opportunity in Louisville. It also proves my point to the mayor that as people lose jobs, they also lose health insurance. That makes his assertion on health care as a positive growth industry for Louisville a false one. The CJ has the article HERE.

- The Courier-Journal is also reporting on the infamous, Baltimore-based Cordish Co. today, saying in an article that the Fourth Street Live developer and Louisville land barons have abandoned a lease for 20,000 feet of space in the Starks Building that was supposed to house an expansion of the entertainment complex. The company was also $50,000 behind on rent payments.

- Does Metro Councilman and local historian Tom Owen read The Valley Report? He was quoted as saying, “Opinion Radio is not what we need in a time of emergency.”, echoing my sentiments exactly in his comments during a Transportation and Public Works Committee meeting while speaking on the city's storm response. My blog post on the subject can be seen HERE and HERE. Hat tip to The Ville Voice. And thanks to Councilman Owen.

So that is all ye know and all ye need to know. See you tomorrow, and thanks for making The Valley Report a part of your day.

Public Tour of MSD Guthrie Facility Planned

If you are curious about waste water treatment and want to know more about the MSD facility in Southwest Louisville, please consider joining Councilman Rick Blackwell on a public tour on February 28th. Here's the release:

For Immediate Release:
Councilman Blackwell invites public to tour MSD Guthrie facility
Event set for Saturday, February 28th

Louisville – In an effort to separate fact from fiction, Councilman Rick Blackwell (D-12) is offering the public a chance to tour MSD’s Guthrie Water Quality Treatment Center to learn more about future sewage treatment plans for Southwest, Lousville.
“The best way to find out about MSD’s plan is to actually see what is being talked about,” says Blackwell. “This tour is a chance to separate reality from rumor.”
The tour will get underway at the Treatment Center begin at 10:00am on Saturday, February 28th. The facility is located at 11621 Lower River Road.
MSD has conducted a series of public hearings to discuss the future of drainage in Jefferson County.
“I want to invite anyone who is really interested in this project to come out, take the tour, ask questions and then decide what you think,” says Blackwell.
Anyone who is interested in taking the tour, please contact Councilman Blackwell’s office and RSVP so we can accommodate the size of the group. For more information, call 574-1112.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Find A Felon Friday - 2/20/2009

Kurt D. Starman
Wanted for: Sodomy-1st Degree-Victim Under 12 Years Old, Sexual Abuse-1st Degree-Victim Under 12 Years Old.

*** Bond $250,0000 Full Cash***

DOB: 05-09-65 HEIGHT: 5-11

We have to find this scumbag.
Let's Get 'Em Boys!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ex-Dixie Principal Enters Prison

Disgraced former Dixie Elementary principal Adrian Sanford was sentenced today to five years in prison for stealing nearly $70,000 from the school. Begging for probation, Sanford instead received his due from Circuit Judge Martin McDonald after pleading guilty to four felony charges.

During today's proceedings, Sanford bored the court with his ramblings about being sorry, being a good role model and being able to "utilize his degrees". Judge McDonald replied,

"If he wants to be a role model for somebody, he can explain to them what it's like to be in the penitentiary for stealing from the public … stealing from the children in this community."

Sanford has been ordered to pay restitution, and the judge has said he will not consider shock probation until the former principal makes a strong commitment to pay back the money he stole. The Courier-Journal has the story HERE.

Valley Report Video: Meet Robert Price

If one has never had the opportunity to meet Robert Price, he or she is certainly missing out on something special. You had better act fast, however, because he is a busy man. Price is a small business owner, president of the PRP Area Business Association and is head of the brightest, fastest-growing community group in Louisville, the Southwest Dream Team. Tonight he made another impressive presentation to a group of residents during Councilman Rick Blackwell's District 12 Dialogue.

It is Price's enthusiasm for his neighborhood that is so refreshing. Rarely do we see such an accomplished individual with so much affinity for Southwest Louisville and it's residents.

So, thanks Robert Price, for all you do. Stay positive, and keep dreaming.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gross Mismanagement at Housing Dept.

The Commonwealth's lovely and talented State Auditor Crit Luallen released the hounds on Louisville's Department of Housing and Family Services today, issuing a scathing account of what she termed "gross mismanagement" in the agency.

Auditor Luallen stated,Any taxpayer ought to be concerned when we find an agency this large with a lack of competence, a lack of ethical guidelines and a lack of direction.”

The Auditor's full report can be viewed HERE.
The Courier-Journal has complete coverage of the investigation HERE.

Mayor Offers Less at Moore

A sparse but devoted crowd was on hand last night to participate in Mayor Jerry Abramson's Community Conversation at Moore High School. These events are clearly when the mayor is at the top of his game and most confident. I asked him to give me some good news on future projects in Southwest Louisville. Abramson went on a long-winded dialogue, first bringing up a "million dollar investment" in Riverview Park (Greenwood Boat Dock), then touching on completed projects such as drainage, getting rid of "junk cars in the front yards", paving the cart paths at Sun Valley Golf Course and specifically mentioned the openings of Mark's Feed Store and Wick's Pizza on Dixie Highway as proof of the city's interest in the area. Mark's Feed Store has been in business on Dixie for over 10 years.

The mayor also addressed Friends of Otter Creek organizer Patsy Bowman's questions, promising to work with the Friends in any way possible. He again stated his belief that Metro Parks does a "terrible job" of operating parks like Otter Creek, while at the same time the city continues to invest in Jefferson Memorial Forest. The Forest master plan duplicates and expands the exact services offered at Otter Creek and will be managed by Metro Parks.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Opportunities to Get Involved This Week

There are a few meetings happening this week in which you may want to be involved. Remember, politics is the art of changing your environment.

- The Mayor's Community Conversation for February will be held tonight at Moore High School, 6415 Outer Loop. The meeting starts at 6:30pm.

- The Southwest Dream Team's History Committee will be meeting on Tuesday at the Farnsley-Moreman Landing, 5pm.

- Also on Tuesday, February's District 12 Dialogue will feature Robert Price from the Southwest Dream Team. Farnsley Middle School, 3400 Lees Lane. 7pm.

If anyone knows of any other gatherings this week or if you would like your meeting to be listed here, please contact me: briantucker70[at]