Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mayor Offers Less at Moore

A sparse but devoted crowd was on hand last night to participate in Mayor Jerry Abramson's Community Conversation at Moore High School. These events are clearly when the mayor is at the top of his game and most confident. I asked him to give me some good news on future projects in Southwest Louisville. Abramson went on a long-winded dialogue, first bringing up a "million dollar investment" in Riverview Park (Greenwood Boat Dock), then touching on completed projects such as drainage, getting rid of "junk cars in the front yards", paving the cart paths at Sun Valley Golf Course and specifically mentioned the openings of Mark's Feed Store and Wick's Pizza on Dixie Highway as proof of the city's interest in the area. Mark's Feed Store has been in business on Dixie for over 10 years.

The mayor also addressed Friends of Otter Creek organizer Patsy Bowman's questions, promising to work with the Friends in any way possible. He again stated his belief that Metro Parks does a "terrible job" of operating parks like Otter Creek, while at the same time the city continues to invest in Jefferson Memorial Forest. The Forest master plan duplicates and expands the exact services offered at Otter Creek and will be managed by Metro Parks.

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