Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dwight Witten (R), the Family Man of Pleasure Ridge

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Former radio DJ Dwight Witten is the Republican candidate for Metro Council District 12 in Pleasure Ridge Park. He is running against the "Mayor's Boy", incumbent Rick Blackwell. A former morning personality on 93.1 The Fox, Witten promises to "Represent You" on his website. It's listed as his number three priority behind more cops, and his promise to stop spending money.

Witten is running because, as he says, “For years my beloved South End has been treated like a punchline of a bad joke..."

But what he doesn't tell you is that he is the author of most of the jokes. Witten and his former co-host Tony Vanetti wrote some pretty risque stuff during their stint as morning show hosts on The Fox, after the station dropped the Howard Stern Show. The South End was on the receving end of most of the bits, most of which are too sick to be repeated here. I hated even running his picture.

The reformed Witten (now listed as a Clear Channel Executive) is in full Doug Hawkins mode, breathlessly exaggerating every issue in the hopes of scaring the residents of the district into voting for him. He's jumped on the bomb storage bandwagon with Hawkins, and now Mr. "Thong of the Day" and "Tramp Stamp of the Day" describes himself as "always pro-gun, pro-family, pro-life and pro-God."

P.S., That's not his wife in the picture above.

In today's Courier-Journal, Rick Blackwell says: "And he's your family-values guy. I'll put my values up against his."


  1. Granted this is not the most flattering picture of Witten, but I believe this was part of a promo for the Radio Channel. Regardless, I'll take the guy who isn't the mayor's puppet and actually fights to bring improvements to SW Jefferson County over Rick Blackwell any day. Perhaps you should run the photo of Blackwell with his nose in the mayor's behind as he neglects his district by spending ALL of their tax dollars downtown while SW Jefferson County continues to crumble. Go ahead and re-elect Blackwell if you want SW Jefferson County to continue as the dirty little stepbrother of downtown Louisville for yet another 4 years.

  2. So,you take the hypocrite over the mayor's buddy. Interesting.

    This just illustrates my challenge: "how do we get better candidates for SW Louisville?"

    Neither of these dudes fit the bill, but it seems you've got to go with the one that at least has a chance of directing some funds to the area. Witten is another Doug Hawkins, and if elected, will have absolutely no clout or freinds on the council, and ultimately hurt the district.

  3. Rick brought in over a quarter million dollars for the PRP ballfields. Everything in Dwights' flyer was a lie. If he has to lie to get elected, we don't want him. I've never seen him at any community meetings or anything. Rick has been an honest, hard working public servant.

  4. Witten is a hypocrite??? Why don't we point out the fact that this Catholic school teacher Blackwell spews profanity at PRP neighborhood meetings and supports homosexuality and abortion? I don't think any of those things fit in with the holier-than-thou persona he's trying to portray. Sure that picture of Witten isn't the least bit flattering, but keep in mind that was YEARS ago. I'd like to see some of the un-flattering photos of Blackwell that he keeps hidden in his closet. Pun intended.

  5. Blackwell is not a homo, no matter how much you want him to be.

    And that photo of Witten is not that old.

  6. That picture is six years old. I believe that counts as years ago. If you haven't changed in six years, there's something wrong with you.

    Mr. Tucker I think you need to get a life.

  7. To put it in context, here's the link the picture came from:
    Careful....adults only.


    The year...2004. In December, just after THE LAST election.

    Look, DW, you can run, just not as some big "family man" with garbage like this out there. You may have had a chance just being yourself, and you may have won. But not like this.

    Sometimes the high road is full of potholes.

  8. What rock were you hiding under?
    And in what cave?

    Brian, your claim of a "close, critical" examination of policies in the Southwest already shows EXTREME BIAS.

    To wit, you are giving Blackwell a FREE PASS. Your attack of Witten IGNORES Blackwell's kissing of Abramson's ass at the expense of the fine folks in District 12.

    Your comment (in part): "... but it seems you've got to go with the one that at least has a chance of directing some funds to the area."

    ALL of them Council creeps have generous SLUSH FUNDS to use as they see fit both in and outside of their districts.

    Then (and this is where your credibility has fallen into a sinkhole) you compare Witten with Hawkins in a very disparaging way.

    So the score is:
    REPUBLICAN negative comments: 2

    Did Blackwell ever tell anyone he was fighting cancer during his first run? NOPE. Might have hurt his chances of getting elected.

    Did Blackwell ever tell anyone about his support of the 30+ SEX OFFENDERS living in one apartment complex in 40216? NOPE. Look them up on the Kentucky Sex Offender Registry for 40216.

    Did Blackwell ever tell anyone as to WHY he Grandstanded about building a ballpark at the Greenwood Boat Dock park for the Valley Sports World Champs in 2002 and then reneged on that promise? Why of course NOT. But you and countless other uninformed area residents went about your lives unconcerned.

    How about the 33% MSD rate increase that he voted for? NADA!

    Or the LOW INCOME Housing complexes being place all over the Southwest? NO.

    Blackwell and most of the others on the Metro Council are prime examples of what is WRONG with American government. And you are blogging in support of such crap!

    Brian, barking on a blog can be done by any partisan. And you are clearly partisan. And that eliminates any claim you can make about being critical.

    And the fact that you have failed to do any serious checking-up on the facts related to Blackwell eliminates your claim of "close" examination.

    If you want to be pro-Union and pro-Democrat and pro-Abramson, just come out and declare it. God knows that's just what the blogosphere needs.

    A rocky start you indeed have crafted for yourself.

    Please keep your day job!

  9. Whoa, there good buddy. I've seem to hit quite a nerve, eh?

    Don't worry, an examination of Blackwell's record is in the works. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

    By the way, is this the only article you are reading? I just endorsed a Republican state legislator for the 29th. Check out the FRONT PAGE. Click It

  10. Come on guys lets leave the BS in the garbage can where it belongs. Rick Blackwell is no one's puppet or yes man and all of you know that, period. He has done more for this area than any of you would like to mention,or for that matter tell the truth about. Lets start with standing up to the new Walgreens at the corner of Dixie and Upper Hunters, either widen the street at the intersection, inprove traffic flow, install an extra lane for traffic or no store. Guess what? Improved traffic flow and less backup.
    Point number two. The hills behind Iroquois park where there is and has been for a long time bad drainage problems have been corrected, thanks Rick. The signage along Dixie Highway, the new businesses, the street sweeping, the Valley Sports fields at PRP, sorry guys you lied about that one didn't you? The soon to be new Riverview Park. Mr Witten who would leave you to believe he is so concerned about his neighbors and their problems wouldn't even join a neighborhood association to inprove the area. Instead he hides behind Doug Hawkins skirt. Just last week he was supposed to show up at a debate sponsored by the League of Women voters along with Mr. Blackwell. Rick Blackwell showed up, but no Witten. Guess he was afraid he might have to answer some tough questions or was just chicken. Where was he when the storm hit, certainly not in his neighborhood helping others clean up but rather doing a photo shoot to give others the idea that he is so concerned and helpful. I could list more than a 100+ positive things that Mr. Blackwell has done for this area not downtown, we don't have the time or space, check it out if you don't believe it the facts are the facts, not needless BS. Please get it right or just shut up. We're not going to be fooled by trash mail from questionable people.

  11. Sorry anonymus feels that way. Good chatting with you guys.I just pray that after election day we can get behind these leaders, whoever they be, and tap into thier resources and spend this energy helping them improve and keep our neighborhoods safe. You guys have a good day.

  12. I won't support anyone who asks for and gets the support of the odious Frank Simon and Doug Hawkins. Bigots and 'phobes have no place in government, and neither do hypocrites.

  13. I know that I just wish I was behind that young lady in the picture. At least it would have been fun. But then again, I would not have been trying to run on the concept of being a so called family man. At least I wouldn't share in his hypocrisy.