Thursday, October 30, 2008

We Got Ourselves A Rant Goin' On Here...

I was raised in Shively, then migrated south to Valley Station in 1996 with my wife. I have seen what life is like without representation on a Metro Council and I have seen what life is like with “official” representation. I can tell you that the difference is negligible. This is why the people that live in this area have historically been against a city/county merger. It is not some irrational fear of change. The people in the Southwestern part of Louisville have always been misunderstood, and unfairly characterized as intolerant bigots or trashy rednecks.

People that I speak with want to see tangible results of representation. Things like beautification projects, “Welcome to Southwestern Louisville”, “Valley Station” or "Pleasure Ridge" signs, murals, public gardens, fountains or other specific areas that designate boundaries, welcome visitors or residents and stimulate some type of pride in this community. Other officials have worked with Brightside. One official worked to establish a “Welcome to Okolona” area, created in a formerly trash-strewn median on the Outer Loop. People want an end to porno book shops, check-cashing stores and bingo parlors. We want and need things like sidewalks that connect, legitimate small businesses, public transportation and JOBS. Attraction of decent shopping and dining establishments to the area is a concern. Eliminate or, at least stop the growth of the flea markets and “Peddler’s Malls”.

Look at the benefits:

  • Increases community pride and identification.
  • Creates a landmark that people throughout the city will recognize.
  • Provides vibrancy to public spaces.
  • Enriches neighborhoods by presenting images of local culture and heritage.
  • Brings people from the area together, especially if there is public participation in the project.

These are ideas and projects that Bob Henderson has ignored, instead focusing on the ham-handed technique of using IPL Inspectors to penalize residents with RV’s in their driveways. These are ideas and projects that Doug Hawkins has ignored, instead content on crying wolf on the issues and working on stupid ideas like renaming Jefferson Memorial Forest after Ronald Reagan. Residents need good representation here, and part of being a successful representative is to help instill a sense of satisfaction in your constituents. NONE of the candidates in the race in the 14th District have shown that desire, and we can only hope for a real leader to step forward in the 25th District with ambition.

Soon I will share with you some photos that I have taken around the Southwest part of Louisville. It is high time we get together...and get what we want.


  1. Great comment Brian. I agree that your area of the city needs a lot more representation. The buffoon known as Hawkins reminds one of a simple ogre trying to run for office.

    Really, it would be nice to see the efforts made in all areas of the city to clean up areas as well as bringing quality jobs and quality opportunities to those areas.

    Interesting, that the politicos aren't talking about the real issues again such as jobs, neighborhood improvements, quality business development, and not a whole bunch of check cashing outfits, flea markets, and other rabble.

    Keep up the good work! Don't vote for Witten either, haha.

  2. Thanks for your comment. We can make these thing happen, setting a foundation that will open our end of town to better opportunities. This is just the start. Stay tuned!

  3. Wanted you to see what we sent to the C-J in response to a reporter's article:

    "Dan Klepal's interpretation about me and my positions on 14th District issues was completely off base and wrong.

    You only have to refer to the candidate profile answers I sent to your newspaper as well as the responses I sent to the GLIC to see where I stand on these problems and how I want to address them.

    During our interview, I told him the same things I told them. My main concerns are the contaminated waterways running through the 14th, our kids--for instance Watson lane elementary doesn't have a playground--"No kid left behind," and the bald eagles.

    I said "commodity" not "comedy" although the article certainly fills the bill for comedy. I don't know how or when the love affair between the "Courier Journal" and Bob Henderson began, but the endorsement for him is the true comedy. For the last election, I believe he only received about 36% of the vote, meaning about 64% or more than half our people don't want him in the 14th seat. There's an "ANYBODY BUT BOB" feeling out here that goes above and beyond what your opinions hold. Your biased and prejudicial comments, not based on facts or the truth are appalling."

    Norman Pepper