Friday, January 20, 2012

Dixie Highway "business census" to begin soon

In the coming weeks, I and a handful of faithful volunteers will be conducting an informal census of businesses located along Dixie Highway, starting in the Valley Village area and extending to points north yet to be determined.

The point of all this is to properly illustrate and inventory the types of businesses we already have and compare them to the ones most commonly mentioned as ones residents say they would like to have in Southwest Louisville.

The census will be an informal affair and will not include any conversations with the owners or customers. We are after raw data, here. Not opinions.

If you are interested in helping out, drop me a line by clicking here. Don't forget to include the amount of time you would be willing to dedicate as well as what part of the highway you'd like to inventory.

I'm certain that, while we know what we have, we may be shocked by what we see. To actually see it written down in cold hard numbers may be a wake-up call to all citizens.

Thanks for your consideration, and thanks for reading the Valley Report.

The Valley Report

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SW news updates 1/17/12

- The VITA Tax Service begins today. VITA has been a huge success, helping low income individuals prepare and send their tax returns. Click HERE for locations and times.

-  Councilman David Yates (D-25) has been named chair of the Metro Council’s Contracts Committee by President Jim King (D-10)

“I am honored for the opportunity to serve as Chair and I want tax payers to know, especially in these tight financial times, we will be very thorough in our review of how contracts are bid,” said Yates.

In his first year on the Council, Yates served as Co-chair of the Contracts and Appointments Committee.

“In that first year, I have seen numerous contracts come before us that I feel could have been bid out for a better return of the tax payers money,” said Yates.

The Contracts Committee reviews all contracts for goods and services used by the Metro Government. The Committee interacts with departments and agencies of government to learn what is being purchased and why it is needed.

-  This year, Kentuckiana Works Youth Career Center and partners are offering 16-21 year-olds the opportunity to be ready to meet employers at the Showcase with a series of Workforce Education Training Workshops. The two hour workshop prepares youth for the job hunt with tips on how to dress for success, how to complete a job application on paper and online, expressing their transferable skills as they build a resume and how to conduct themselves in an interview. Young people can get more information about these workshops at