Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Positive news: It ain't all bad

- Rumor Squisher: Councilman Bob Henderson (D-14) has not suffered a stroke and is not paralyzed or incapacitated. Henderson is said to be the victim of an extremely rare but controllable condition that causes some stroke-like symptoms. Bob's office tells us the Councilman is home and resting, but eager to get back to work. Best wishes for a speedy recovery from The Valley Report.

- The PRP High School Student Council has organized a food and gift drive for less fortunate families this Christmas. [CJ]

-  New, single-family homes will replace shoddy, run down multi-family digs in the Cane Run area. [LeoWeekly]

- A suspected dope head was arrested at Southwest Hospital after crashing through the ceiling and landing in the Emergency Room. [Fox41]

- Bring in the brass monkey, it's cold outside.


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  4. Wow, Childers got the facts right, And glad to see comments about me not Hendersons Health.btw He does a great job for the community and will continue to do so,thanks

  5. People, I strongly encourage comments here, but please refrain from name-calling unless you can come up with something funny or something I haven't heard before.

    And Tim, as I told you earlier, after hearing your comments on Bob Henderson's condition, I called his office and let the people that were actually involved do the talking.

    Thanks for the tip, but you don't own this story. You wouldn't want to own it anyway. Because your version of what happened was wrong. In fairness, you did say Bob had suffered some type of spell that precipitated a visit to the hospital. But that is where the facts ended on your end.

    Again, thanks for the tip. Keep up the good work.

  6. I don't know a lot but Tim Childers doesn't speak for me I know that much. He needs to quit calling himself a community leader'''he's just embarrassing us out here and making us look stupid like the dummies at the trailer park after the tornado. Always trying to get on the news. HE DONT KNOW SHIT!>

    Dixie Chick

  7. Please, again keep me in your thoughts and avoid the lack of Valley Station taste of bitter
    person(s). I stand strong for Southwest and Valley Station.. ect..I Tim Childers have never said I spoke or/and speaks for any certain part of any neighborhood or Community.Thanks
    I would like to see all on the campaign trail for District 14 councilman election in 2012. Hopefully i can hear from you "Dixie Chick" and hear why you have concerns about me and what i have done and will continue to do for All of Southwest and Louisville Metro Gov. Thanks Tim Childers (community leader)

  8. Brian i respect your work to get the truth of all things in our community and maybe i heard the story wrong, i never wanted to hurt or put anything out there thats not a fact or correct. Thanks again for removing the comments and also keep up the great work you do for all of Southwest, your friend Tim

  9. You say you dont speak for any certain part of any neighborhood or community but then sign (community leader) at the end of your comment. YOU AINT NO COMMUNITY LEADER DUMMY and I sure hope you dont run for something out here. We get embarrassed enough.

    *Dixie Chick*

  10. *Dixie Chick* i thought long and hard where your comments are coming from and it just hit me, you don't know nothing, nor do you have anything nice to say about someone you dont even know. For you to say "we" get embarrassed enough,that makes you a hipocrit and then some with your negative comments about me and SW. i say who I am. Tim Childers Community Leader*
    p-s you stay Anonymous,keep it that way,thanks Chick,dude..whoever