Thursday, December 16, 2010

Yates takes oath in 25th District

Residents of District 25 will see a new effort at the beginning of 2011 to bring resources and jobs to the area when a new Councilman takes over.

“I want the people of the District to know we are ready to serve,” says David Yates, who took the oath of office on Wednesday night.

25th District Metro Councilman David Yates
Surrounded by family, friends and supporters, Yates took the oath at the Southwest Government Center after winning the office in the November 2nd election. It was administrated by Jefferson Circuit Judge David Holton, whom is also a resident of the District 25.

“I want to issue an invitation to the people of District 25 to let us know what your concerns and issues are,” said Yates. “It is time that we work together to move District 25 and all the South-End forward to be an instrumental part of the future of our great city. Also, I want to issue my promise that we will work hard to serve your interests and our neighborhoods.”

Yates has indicated he will have meetings throughout the district as a way to bring government closer to the people of District 25. He is also planning on working with other Council members on a wide range of issues including economic development and public works.

Marty Meyer, former Congressional District Representative, has been hired as Yates’ Legislative Assistant.

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  1. Hope this guy is good. Too many of the Metro Council people are do-nothings!