Tuesday, May 24, 2011

SW Louisville News Updates

- Quiet Zone News: The three CSX railroad crossings at National Turnpike, New Cut Road and Outer Loop (near 3rd St.) will become "quiet zones" beginning May 27 at midnight. Please watch for the lights.

- The Southwest Farmers Market is back on June 4th and is being relocated to the north parking lot of Valley High School due to the ongoing construction activity. From 9am to 1pm, you can buy locally grown fruits and vegetables along with other items made and grown in Kentucky. The SW Farmers Market is now accepting debit/EBT cards and senior vouchers. Let's welcome them back.

- The Southwest Dream Team will be celebrating the group's latest sign placement on May 25 at noon. The Michel Tire location at 10601 Dixie Hwy. now has a huge banner attached to the side of the building. The banner features places and people in SW Louisville.

Analysis: This is a huge banner on the back side of a tire place. An empty lot stands between the tire shop and the newly-opened Mortenson Family Dental. The empty gravel lot, formerly an old car wash, is what allows one to see the banner. Question: What happens when the empty lot between Michel Tire and Mortenson Dental is developed?

- National contract negotiations have formally opened for GE's union employees represented by the IUE-CWA in Louisville at Appliance Park. Employee health care benefits are under attack by the company, which made a multi-billion dollar tax-free profit last year. Keep these employees in your thoughts as negotiations progress.