Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sun Valley Park Conditions, January 24

Below you will find more pictures of our once-beloved Sun Valley Park. The pictures show the condition of the park as of Friday, January 23, 2008, one month after Mayor Abramson and officials from Metro Parks promised the clean up procedure would be completed, and four months after the windstorm.

UPDATE, 01/25/2009, 9:00pm: The following pictures were forwarded by a concerned citizen. Check out the condition of Shawnee Park. Please note there are no East End parks with any remaining trash or debris, as all cleanup operations have been completed there.

Friday, January 23, 2009


There were two interesting items in the Courier today.

The first: Even though Mayor Abramson likes to cheer on the Museum Plaza project and act as though construction is either under way or imminent, the general contractor has filed a lien against the project, claiming the developer is millions behind on payments.

The Second: Louisville Metro Councilmen Ken Fleming and Hal Heiner are answering the call for government transparency. The two are introducing an ordinance next week that would require the city to build and maintain a web site that tracks metro government expenditures. This is a good idea, and exactly what many concerned citizens have been asking the council to do since the mayor refused to address the subject.

An Aside: For those of you interested in the story of the PRP coach that was indicted in the death of a football player, I have learned there is now a group on called "Supporters of Coach Jason Stinson". It has nearly 800 members.

UPDATE: In the spirit of fairness, there is now a "Justice for Max Gilpin" group at

Thursday, January 22, 2009

PRP Coach Faces Music For Inaction; Indicted

In a move that most consider to be long, long overdue, a Jefferson County grand jury indicted Pleasure Ridge Park High School football coach David Jason Stinson today for Reckless Homicide for his role in the August 2008 death of Max Gilpin.

Gilpin died three days after football practice at the school. Today's Courier-Journal reports Max' s body temperature reached 107 degrees.

Max's parents have released a statement through their respective attorneys:

“Five months after Max’s death, the Jefferson County School Board and PRP High School still have not provided us with any information regarding their investigation of the events surrounding Max’s death, claiming that the investigation is ‘confidential.’ But what we have learned about the coaches’ conduct at the football practice that led to Max’s collapse and death is inexcusable, as was the lack of urgency and the delay in seeking medical treatment after Max collapsed and never regained consciousness.”

It is one of the more outrageous and disturbing items about the case. A young man collapses on a ball field and no one comes to his aid. What type of institution keeps a student's death investigation private, refusing to cooperate with the grieving family? It has seemed that, for months, the school system and the coaches have conspired to protect only themselves from litigation, not to seek justice for young Max.

Let justice be done, and if Stinson is guilty, I personally hope they run his fat ass in mid-August with no water until he passes out. Then leave him on the field. Alone. But this is merely MY opinion, and I am drifting off into dangerous waters by blurting out such gibberish. No matter what you believe about the case, please wish for an impartial jury.

More coverage: The Ville Voice, WHAS11, WAVE3, FOX41

At Last

For my kids:

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

District 12 Meeting, Jan. 20

About 30 people were in attendance last night for Metro Councilman Rick Blackwell's "District 12 Dialogue". These are good meetings, and any district with a councilman that does not currently put on an event such as this should be asked to do so.

I was running late, and missed most of what MSD Director Bud Schardein had to say. But the tone and the setting of this meeting differed considerably when compared to the last time Bud was in Southwest Louisville. He was a real gentleman, and seemed sincere when he stated he understands why residents in the Southwest feels the way they do. Schardein even said some of the "paranoia" was justified.

I had the opportunity to study a map of Jefferson County, and the locations of the waste-water treatment facilities. The "best case" scenario was laid out (a large facility on the Salt River near Fort Knox), and the situation makes much more sense when overall geography is considered. MSD still has a long way to go in convincing residents that it's Project WIN plan is not discriminatory towards the South End, but small meetings like these help to deal with the situation without political theater and overblown hype, some of which I myself have been guilty of. Also discussed was the possibility of treatment plant tours for interested groups. Contact your councilperson. More on this subject later.

Councilman Blackwell updated those gathered on the synchronization of traffic lights on Dixie Highway, the addition of turning lanes at Lower Hunters and Dixie, and at Blanton Lane and Dixie. Blackwell has "high hopes" for a leading tenant at the Shively Center, especially since the face lift of the property was completed, and heard a report on a sharp increase in home and auto burglaries for the Graston/Rockford/Lower Hunters area. Please lock up your valuables, and do not leave things in plain sight inside your automobile.

I will pass on information relating to the next meeting when I receive it. If you couldn't make this one, try to attend the next one.

Appeals Court Rules Against Officers

It is strike number one against Louisville's FOP. The Kentucky Court of Appeals slapped down an injunction against the city that now frees up Chief White and Mayor Abramson to push ahead with plans to raise fees for take home police cars. The FOP argued, rightly so, that the fees should not change until the state Labor Cabinet hears arguments on the case. It isn't clear if the city will move to raise fees immediately, but based on their prior actions, it would not surprise anyone if they did. The ham-handed techniques used by the city on this issue is the reason why it is in the courts, and the city has chosen , once again, to negotiate through the media rather than with the police directly.

Expect a renewed battle among police and the mayor.

The Courier-Journal has an article HERE.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's Inauguration Day, Where Are Your Balls?

Are you planning to celebrate Inauguration Day by going to an Inaugural Ball or attending one of the local get-togethers? Heading down to the Seelbach Hilton for the swinish "I Voted McCain" Party? If not, and you live in Metro District 12, consider coming out to the "District 12 Dialogue" tonight, where you can interact with your Metro Councilman Rick Blackwell and other Metro Government agencies. There may not be much to eat there, but there will be dancing. Bud Schardein from MSD is attending, and I am always impressed by his ability to dance around the issues. Besides, you never know who will show up.

It starts at 7pm and it is being held at Conway Middle School, 6300 Terry Road.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Beechmont Cell Tower and Options

A new 154-foot cell phone tower is being proposed for the Beechmont area by T-Mobile. The tower is to be constructed on property owned by St. John Vianney Church on Southside Drive. There will be a hearing to discuss the matter this Wednesday, January 21. The hearing will be held downtown in the old jail building, and starts at 1pm. Click HERE for directions.

HERE is the story, courtesy of the Courier-Journal.

In today's society, these monstrosities are necessary evils, but there are some interesting ways in which other communities are dealing with the towers' "sore thumb" appearance. Check it out HERE. Maybe the folks down at the Louisville Metro Development Review Committee should see this information, or an ordinance placed before the Metro Council to encourage these types of solutions.

Leave your comments below.

Otter Creek Park Sits Unsecured - Metro Parks Tells Lies

According to this report on Fox41 News, Otter Creek Park is now a 2000+ acre expanse of total vandalism and lawlessness. Mayor Jerry Abramson's office and Louisville Metro Parks claim there is some sort of deal with an unnamed police department to "watch over" the park and provide security, but the mayors of the cities surrounding Otter Creek and the Meade County Sheriff do not know anything about the supposed arrangement.

Metro Parks is closed today, and the operator at Metro Call 311 refused to put me in touch with a spokesman. So we will delve into these lies tomorrow. Stay tuned.