Wednesday, January 21, 2009

District 12 Meeting, Jan. 20

About 30 people were in attendance last night for Metro Councilman Rick Blackwell's "District 12 Dialogue". These are good meetings, and any district with a councilman that does not currently put on an event such as this should be asked to do so.

I was running late, and missed most of what MSD Director Bud Schardein had to say. But the tone and the setting of this meeting differed considerably when compared to the last time Bud was in Southwest Louisville. He was a real gentleman, and seemed sincere when he stated he understands why residents in the Southwest feels the way they do. Schardein even said some of the "paranoia" was justified.

I had the opportunity to study a map of Jefferson County, and the locations of the waste-water treatment facilities. The "best case" scenario was laid out (a large facility on the Salt River near Fort Knox), and the situation makes much more sense when overall geography is considered. MSD still has a long way to go in convincing residents that it's Project WIN plan is not discriminatory towards the South End, but small meetings like these help to deal with the situation without political theater and overblown hype, some of which I myself have been guilty of. Also discussed was the possibility of treatment plant tours for interested groups. Contact your councilperson. More on this subject later.

Councilman Blackwell updated those gathered on the synchronization of traffic lights on Dixie Highway, the addition of turning lanes at Lower Hunters and Dixie, and at Blanton Lane and Dixie. Blackwell has "high hopes" for a leading tenant at the Shively Center, especially since the face lift of the property was completed, and heard a report on a sharp increase in home and auto burglaries for the Graston/Rockford/Lower Hunters area. Please lock up your valuables, and do not leave things in plain sight inside your automobile.

I will pass on information relating to the next meeting when I receive it. If you couldn't make this one, try to attend the next one.

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