Monday, January 19, 2009

Otter Creek Park Sits Unsecured - Metro Parks Tells Lies

According to this report on Fox41 News, Otter Creek Park is now a 2000+ acre expanse of total vandalism and lawlessness. Mayor Jerry Abramson's office and Louisville Metro Parks claim there is some sort of deal with an unnamed police department to "watch over" the park and provide security, but the mayors of the cities surrounding Otter Creek and the Meade County Sheriff do not know anything about the supposed arrangement.

Metro Parks is closed today, and the operator at Metro Call 311 refused to put me in touch with a spokesman. So we will delve into these lies tomorrow. Stay tuned.


  1. They said they have an arrangment with one of the constables, which is fine, but ... for how much? Constables are fee officers. And if they do, WHO called the sherif's office for the stolen vehicle? If someone from the park, did they not know who to call? Why didn't the city work with the Meade County Sheriff? (The cities have no obligation to do anything in the park, it isn't IN a city, after all! Why doens't the sheriff have keys?

  2. I do not believe the statements made by Metro Parks officials to be truthful. If they were interested in the truth, they would have brought up the "constable" story when first asked about park security.

    We may know more about the expenses involved if we could see the books, but in this case, as in the case of Firehouse #7, I have a suspicion that the city is not saving the amount of money they claim to be.

    The fact is, they do not care about security at Otter Creek. The objective (closing it) has been accomplished.

    Thanks for commenting. You seem to know about this subject, and I encourage you to continue to contribute. Thanks again.


  3. I don't doubt someone made arrangments with the constable, but I doubt the Mayor's Office had a clue. And when asked, they just assumed it was the sheriff or one of the cities. And apparently Brandenburg was driving through periodically. For all we know, the constable might be the caregiver. The Mayor isn't known for being detail-oriented, his "peeps" are responsible for all those picky little details he can't be bothered with. He's just the "make it so" guy.

  4. Caretaker, caretaker ... fingers got ahead of my brain!