Thursday, January 22, 2009

PRP Coach Faces Music For Inaction; Indicted

In a move that most consider to be long, long overdue, a Jefferson County grand jury indicted Pleasure Ridge Park High School football coach David Jason Stinson today for Reckless Homicide for his role in the August 2008 death of Max Gilpin.

Gilpin died three days after football practice at the school. Today's Courier-Journal reports Max' s body temperature reached 107 degrees.

Max's parents have released a statement through their respective attorneys:

“Five months after Max’s death, the Jefferson County School Board and PRP High School still have not provided us with any information regarding their investigation of the events surrounding Max’s death, claiming that the investigation is ‘confidential.’ But what we have learned about the coaches’ conduct at the football practice that led to Max’s collapse and death is inexcusable, as was the lack of urgency and the delay in seeking medical treatment after Max collapsed and never regained consciousness.”

It is one of the more outrageous and disturbing items about the case. A young man collapses on a ball field and no one comes to his aid. What type of institution keeps a student's death investigation private, refusing to cooperate with the grieving family? It has seemed that, for months, the school system and the coaches have conspired to protect only themselves from litigation, not to seek justice for young Max.

Let justice be done, and if Stinson is guilty, I personally hope they run his fat ass in mid-August with no water until he passes out. Then leave him on the field. Alone. But this is merely MY opinion, and I am drifting off into dangerous waters by blurting out such gibberish. No matter what you believe about the case, please wish for an impartial jury.

More coverage: The Ville Voice, WHAS11, WAVE3, FOX41

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