Friday, January 23, 2009


There were two interesting items in the Courier today.

The first: Even though Mayor Abramson likes to cheer on the Museum Plaza project and act as though construction is either under way or imminent, the general contractor has filed a lien against the project, claiming the developer is millions behind on payments.

The Second: Louisville Metro Councilmen Ken Fleming and Hal Heiner are answering the call for government transparency. The two are introducing an ordinance next week that would require the city to build and maintain a web site that tracks metro government expenditures. This is a good idea, and exactly what many concerned citizens have been asking the council to do since the mayor refused to address the subject.

An Aside: For those of you interested in the story of the PRP coach that was indicted in the death of a football player, I have learned there is now a group on called "Supporters of Coach Jason Stinson". It has nearly 800 members.

UPDATE: In the spirit of fairness, there is now a "Justice for Max Gilpin" group at


  1. Bout time that we can see where our money is going and being blown. Let's see some accountability of the mayor for life.

  2. father of PRP studentJanuary 24, 2009 at 12:57 PM

    brian shouldn't all the evidence come out before you make a decision on a mans life. innocent until proven guilty? i don't think the coach is being called the victum.

  3. The "evidence" is already there. There is also ample evidence in hand that suggests Stinson is guilty of seriously violating KHSAA rules, in addition to negligence.

    Nothing Stinson can say or do will remove the fact that Max was denied water. NOTHING. Nothing Stinson can do or say will remove the fact that Stinson was responsibe for the well being of his players.

    I'm all for hearing about evidence. But in this case it is RES IPSA LOQUITUR.

    These bogus calls for "all the evidence" are just a diversion, and remind me of OJ's call to "Find the real killers".