Sunday, October 26, 2008

Would You Let This Man Give Candy To Your Children?

Most people know that Councilman Doug Hawkins (R-25) is heavily supported and financed by Dr. Frank Simon, the infamous anti-gay rights activist and right-wing nutjob that founded the American Family Association of Kentucky. However, most do not remember one of the most brutal and disgusting political mailers of all time was devised by Dr. Simon four years ago. The mailing raised the hackles of most of the recipients and some council members.

In December 2004, people all over Jefferson County received mailings from Simon's organization with the words, "Warning: Very Vulgar, Not for Children" on the envelope. The letter said gays take part in "unhealthy and unnatural acts" that he calls "too vulgar to mention." It then goes on to mention them. The mailer included a page copied from a medical journal that describes the acts in detail. It also included a vicious slur against the Catholic Church. Then-Council President Kelly Downard, who is Roman Catholic, said he was offended by several portions of the letter, especially one part that he called "anti-Catholic."

Councilman Ron Weston was equally upset. "How does this happen?" he asked. "That this type of information is sent through the mail?" Complaint calls were flooding Metro Council offices. Not only because what happens behind closed doors is now described in black and white in thousands of homes, but because the letter also targets the Catholic Church, citing the priest sex abuse scandal. Weston said, "As a Catholic, when I read it, the first thing that hit me was, that they are trying to take an unfortunate situation in this one religious body to promote their agenda."

Which brings us to this evening, to the Deering Road campus of St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Church, where a shameless Doug Hawkins attempts to turn a trick-or-treat function for young Catholic grade school students into a campaign stop. I spoke with parents of some of the children regarding how they felt about a candidate trolling for votes at a Halloween function for their kids. "Very Tacky", was one response. "Insulting", from a mother participating in the candy giveaway. When I told them Hawkins is not a Catholic, they just got more upset.

I guess he thinks it's okay to bash the Catholics to score donations from Frank Simon, but when you need votes for your Senate race, head on over to the local Catholic church. I'm sure they won't remember what a hopeless partisan hack you really are. Unless they read The Valley Report.

Double-Talking Doug is again being endorsed by, and taking money from these wackos, just as he was in the past, without remorse.

I'd like to hear your thoughts on this issue.


  1. I like your Christ. I don't like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ. -Gandhi

  2. A Real ProgressiveOctober 29, 2008 at 4:08 PM

    Good Grief -

    Another blogger who does not take the time to check facts.

    According to OFFICIAL CAMPAIGN FINANCE reports filed with Kentucky,

    Doug Hawkins has received the maximum allowable contributions from Dr. Simon, that being $2,000.

    Hawkins also shows total receipts of more than $83,000 for this 2008 election.

    Hawkins' opponent shows total receipts of more than $163,000 for this 2008 election, and more than $352,000 since the special election of 2006. Many, many of those contributed the MAX.

    Check it out yourself here:

    Next time, check it out before you publish your "facts".

  3. That's not the only time Hawkins has used a function for a campaign stop. Just several weeks ago he held a neighborhood association meeting at the Southwest Government Center along with Dwight ( keep you sons and daughters inside when he is present Witten )and of all people Ann Northup. Get the picture? Why was she there? And of all things Rick Blackwell, who is the councilman was not invited, but did surprisingly show up after being tipped off with Councilwoman Welch, and Bob Henderson. That picture was worth a thousand words. Hawkins and Witten with their cronies could not wait to sneak out the back door. What Goobers!

  4. I wouldn't vote for Hawkins if he were the last candidate on earth for whatever office he was seeking. There is no place for prejudice in government, and Hawkins' main reason for running IS to legitimize prejudice. He's a shill for Simon all the way.

    As for Simon, he should never be seen in public without his white hood and cloak. He's been in the Klan. Some Christian he is. Right to life - unless you're black or gay - that's what Simon believes. He's not even a good doctor - I'm allergic to any form of medicine he might have practiced. There is a place in hell for Simon, it's called the Bull Connor room, and he can take the spit next to Jerry Falwell.