Sunday, October 10, 2010

Full-Tilt Bullsh!t

UPDATE: A revised, longer version of this article can be seen HERE at Insider Louisville. - Brian

State Senator Dan Seum has spent nearly three (3) decades in elected office. Dan represents the state's 38th District, some of which is in Southwest Louisville. He is 70 years old.

Seum has a pattern of blowing hot and cold on issues and cannot make up his mind on which political party he wants to be affiliated with. Shortly after being re-elected in 1999 as a Democrat, he switched parties and became a Republican. This switch threw the power to David Williams and has allowed the ogre-like Williams to essentially paralyze the Commonwealth by stopping all progress in the legislature.

Today we find Dan Seum chasing after the Tea Party vote. Although Seum hasn't been seen out in the community or in his district talking with regular voters, he can always be found at Tea Party rallies or other closed-door events, complaining about taxes and government. He sees no problem, however, in lining his pockets with extra money from "the government" during Special Sessions for failing to do his job in passing a state budget.

People like the elderly Dan Seum want Frankfort politicians and bureaucrats to run the Jefferson County School system, then crowing about "local control" when it comes to other issues.

I have family members that have known Dan Seum for many years. They go way back to the "Malano" days, when Dan's restaurant/bar was rumored to be a hot spot, and not always in a good way. Even the old folks say Dan has changed more than his party affiliation. "It's like that old Dan never existed", they say.

A racehorse that is beyond his prime doesn't know he can't do it anymore. He has to have someone put him out to pasture. Let's do the humane thing. Retire Dan Seum.

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  1. I heard one of his radio commercials the other day. It hurt my head.