Monday, November 08, 2010

District 13 coffee - This Saturday

Councilwoman Vicki Aubrey Welch is once again extending an invitation to residents of District 13 to come out for “Coffee with your Councilwoman” on Saturday, November 13th.

“This month I want to hear from everyone who may have what might be called a “wish list” of ideas you would like to see us work on together for the future of the District and South Louisville,” says Welch. “I want to focus on what your think is important for our community, so we decided not to have a special guest this month so I and my staff can be available to hear what people have to say.”

The November “Coffee with your Councilwoman” will be held at the First String Family Sports Grill and Pub, 5921 New Cut Road just off from the Outer Loop. It begins at 9:00am.

“There is so much going on in Metro Louisville with a new Mayor coming into office, I am sure many people have thoughts on how our city should move forward,” says Welch. “I would love to hear about. It’s a very informal meeting, so come and have a cup of coffee and just say “hi” if you want to.”

To learn more about the November District 13 “Coffee with your Councilwoman” contact Councilwoman Welch’s office at 574-1113.

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