Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Yates knocks ogre off perch in 25th - Welch turns back Davis in Lucky 13

 What a day for Southwest Louisville.

David Yates beat Doug Hawkins last night in the closely watched election for the 25th District Metro Council seat. Yates will take over a promising district badly neglected since merger.

The 25th district finally has a representative that can go to City Hall and work with others to get things done on our behalf instead of one that stomps around and, like an insolent child, could use a beating.

Hawkins' political career is most likely over. After losing a race for state representative and state senate, Doug needed a win to avoid Strike Number Three. He failed.

Not only did Hawkins lose, but so did his stablemate Renay Davis.

Voters have, for the second straight time, rejected Renay in Louisville's 13th District. Observers say the tactics used during the contest were "almost as dirty as the shit that went down in the 25th with Hawkins". A dazzling array of nasty robo-calls, negative mailers and whisper campaigns was not enough to beat incumbent Vicki Welch.

Welch attributes her win to "staying positive" during the campaign and highlighting her results as Councilwoman. She says she looks forward to working with Councilman-elect David Yates to move Southwest Louisville forward.

"We finally have a partner", says Welch.

A longer version of this article can be seen at Insider Louisville.

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  1. With the defeat of Hawkins the Valley report will have alot of less comments from his anonymous political HACKS.I am sure they will be dearly missed. For you folks have fun at your next job taking orders at some burger joint. Thanks to the supporters of David Yates!