Monday, November 01, 2010

Hawkins crew resorts to stealing signs, says Yates

In a press release just issued, 25th Metro District candidate David Yates says American Patriot and cheap bully Doug Hawkins is responsible for the theft of ''hundreds'' of Yates for Council yard signs.

It's a weak and desperate move and the mark of a loser.


Louisville, Ky - Over the past two evenings, hundreds of "David Yates for Metro Council" Yard Sign have been stolen across the 25th District. Yates, the democratic candidate for Metro Council's 25th District, said that his campaign has received numerous emails that supporters' yard sign have been stolen from their yards. Additionally, Yates' yard sign was the only one stolen at homes with multiple yards signs of other democratic candidates.

"This is nothing more than Doug Hawkins being Doug Hawkins," Yates said. "Year after year Councilman Hawkins pulls these antics, and voters are going to go to the polls this year and show that they're tired of his tricks. I'm expecting a robocall tonight from Hawkins to voters with some outrageous lie about me and my family."

Yates filed a report with the police department Monday afternoon after spending hours canvassing and noticing that his yard signs were gone. Yates' campaign distributed over 600 signs during the past month, and the campaign believes that over 300 have been stolen in the past 48 hours.


  1. Politicians show their true worth when they result to these infantile antics. C'mon guys didnt ya have enough of this stuff during recess back in the ELEMENTARY days?? GROW UP FOR PETE'S SAKE, HELL FOR THE VOTERS SAKE. Apparently MATURITY NEEDS to be listed as a qualification on the application that candidates file when they file to run for office.

  2. Let's exaggerate alittle, huh?

  3. Seriously this is a story? Has Yates provided proof of these charges? Some candidates have been known to resprt to lying about signs being stolen and I know a couple who have "stolen" their own signs to blame it on their opponent in hopes of garnering some sympathy votes.