Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dan Seum: What have you done for me lately?

Dan Seum, former Democrat-turned-Republican-turned-Teabagger, is up for reelection on Tuesday. Dan is a man whose last major accomplishment was helping to eliminate the VET program in 2003.

That's seven (7) years to you and me.

Dan is content to hang his hat on VET testing as a means to keep his seat - a seat that has been thoroughly warmed by the long-time incumbent. In an age where media outlets and loudmouths tell us to "throw the bums out", career politicians like Dan should be having a tough time.

In recent weeks, Seum & Co. have resorted to running radio commercials and using Doug Hawkins' metro government email list to reach voters. The radio piece is conspicuously misleading and paints Seum as a caped hero to whom we should all rally behind. Dan is adept at negative campaigning and during this election cycle has aligned himself with some of the trade's worst purveyors of negativity.

This Tuesday, will you vote for accomplishments of long ago? Or will you take a look at a positive message of progress?

Fire off in the 'comments' section.

To see a map of the 38th District, click HERE.


  1. I'm goin with the non-Dan. He has became too much of a right winger for me.

  2. I remember when Dan Slime was just a restaurant owner with a side job in politics. Now he is a career politician and he never knows when enough is enough. Well, I DO know when I've had enough and I've had enough of DAN SLIME.

    Vote MArty Meyer

  3. Dan Sime what a great guy but it is time to clean house.