Monday, October 18, 2010

District 25 beat down - Must see video!

The debate that took place last week between District 25 incumbent Doug Hawkins and challenger David Yates is now available for viewing via Metro TV. Click HERE to see all the gritty goodness.

Analysis: Hawkins turns to jelly and interrupts, goes over time, disregards the rules and -as if we expected anything different- generally acts like a horse's ass for 30 minutes.

Voters in the 25th finally have a gin-clear choice in November. The ineffective, unethical laughingstock or a new, real leader with fresh ideas and new perspectives.

Please leave your comments below after viewing this savage beat down.


  1. Tweny minutes of Doug Hawkins is enough to last a life time!

  2. oh my god he is a terrible debater. didnt he listen to the rules?

  3. RULES????? HE don't need no stinkin RULES!!!!!

    Aqua Buddha came down to the gubmint center after Dougie lied to reserve the room for his event. THAT"S against the RULES TOO!!!!!!!!!

  4. You can read, write, and teach a lot about's another to be able to do it. I was impressed with neither of them.