Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Insane and Extreme Behavior in Frankfort

Two Republican idiots in the Kentucky State House of Representatives are so preoccupied with insanely bad politics that they are jeopardizing the only good legislation emanating from that particular chamber this session. Rep. David Floyd (R-Bardstown) and Rep. Tim Moore (R-Elizabethtown) are guilty of dereliction of duty and conduct unbecoming elected officials in this Commonwealth, and that is saying something.  Their crazy abortion amendments to a combined seven (7) good bills have surely wrecked each and caused the few sane legislators in the House to go into a defensive crouch.  Is this what we deserve? Is this "good government"? Yes to the former, hell no to the latter.  Any crowd that would elect either of these morons to any office deserves exactly what they are receiving.  You can read about the affected bills and the religious insanity surrounding both perpetrators HERE, courtesy of the baby-killers at the CJ.

This is the "lowest common denominator" style of politics, the kind I abhor, that is used successfully and exclusively on rubes and hapless dupes nationwide, where logic and reason are casualties in a war against reality.  These two hacks, if they even rise to that level, are pure scum that do not even deserve to witness a session of the state legislature, much less participate in it.  If you are against abortion, that is fine and that is your right as a Kentuckian and as an American.  But you have no right, NONE, to destroy good legislation that could actually help this sorry, bankrupt, backward-ass state that happens to be inundated with sick, undereducated, uninsured and abused children.

Floyd and Moore believe in a right to a life without any rights. Or hope. Or health. Or proper pediatric care.  May the Good Lord see fit to exact a full and fitting punishment for this, our Commonwealth's greatest legislative embarrassment of the 21st Century.  Smite them, O Lord, and afflict them with painful testicles for all the days of their lives.

Amen to that.

Meanwhile, behind the facade of innocent-looking homes from Pikeville to Paducah, mothers struggle with ways to provide medicine for sick children, or the means to pony up $20 per month so their kid can get KCHIP.  And the games in Frankfort play on....

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