Friday, June 12, 2009

End Of Line For Valley Post Office?

The Ville Voice is reporting on rumors surrounding the closure of the Valley Station Post Office. Here's an excerpt:

Bob Henderson, the District 14 Metro Councilman, confirmed that there had been rumors coming from within the branch that a move to the Pleasure Ridge Park branch might be in the works.

In addition, we had multiple sources advise us that workers at the Valley Station branch had been ordered to keep news of any impending changes from the media and that they weren’t to discuss the matter publicly. Citizens say the branch is always busy.

The location is always busy, especially after the stamp vending machines were removed from the lobby last year. An individual that wants to buy stamps must wait in line with people mailing packages. Area residents had placed a new post office near the top of their "wants list" for the neighborhood, and are sure to be disappointed in this development.

The permanent closure of a post office is more than a business decision. To some it represents progress. Others see it as the death of the community; a post office puts you "on the map" they say. The local post office is part of the community's identity. There was one hell of a fight to get a post office in Valley Station. There should be one hell of a fight to keep it.


  1. The powers that be have tried for many years to deny Valley Station any sense of neighborhood. To often we have failed to rise to the occasion ( can anybody say Otter Creek?). I hope this rumor is false. T.S.Keith

  2. If this is true, it is terrible news. I loathe the PRP post office. It's huge, cold, and impersonal. I rather enjoy going to "my" post office here in Valley Station; though small, it's always busy, and the employees have always been helpful and friendly. In warm weather I can walk to the post office from my home; PRP will mean an unnecesary drive down the horror that is Dixie Highway.

  3. What has happen to the post office is the cost of bad service, Everytime I vist the Valley Station post office it takes a long time to get service, that is why it looks busy all the time. The post office is becoming a thing of the pass, I receive most of my bills on my banking web site, because my mail never get deliver to the right address for the last 20 years. I personal know some one that works for the post office and yes that location is going to close, due to a new shopping center is going to take place of the post office the old C-store and car wash location. They also advised they might be moving in a part of the old K mart store. The lease is up on the old post office and the buliding is in bad need of inprovments.

  4. We live in 40258 now use to live in 40272. We still use the Valley Station Post Office, it is actually closer than PRP. I have never seen all 3 windows open at the same time, only 2. I really like how the manager comes out to check something, sees that the line is backed up and then just ignores it and leaves, not offering any help. I would truly hate to see this office go. I think the people at the windows are doing a great job and doing the best that they can under the circumstances.

  5. yipes...hope there is something we can do :[