Thursday, May 13, 2010

Primary Election News: 6 Days and Counting

- My friend Steve Magruder of Louisville History & Issues has compiled a list featuring podcasts and videos of several of the mayoral candidate forums that have been held this year. If you are still one of the many undecided voters, this resource should help.  Click HERE for the list.

- Republican candidate for Mayor Hal Heiner, seeking mileage out of the city's financial audit fiasco, said today Louisville's audit plan doesn't go far enough with regard to outside assessments.  Heiner wants additional outside help in reviewing the city's own internal audits. Abramson's spokesperson lunged for Hal's throat like a jackal, saying the city already has outside help (the state) and shot back rather snootily: “As a councilman who's been part of that process and observed that process every year, he ought to understand that,”. [CJ]

-  I spoke with Dr. Robert Thrasher about his upcoming primary election against incumbent Doug Hawkins in Louisville's 25th District.  Saying "never give up...never give in", he relayed to me the following, which I found to be monumentally interesting:

I am winding down the campaign. The signs are up the doors have been knocked on and the weather is great. I feel that if I don't win the primary I will throw my support behind Mr. Yates. Mr. Hawkins has to go!!!!!!! Whether by me or by someone else. I have enough commitments in the community to help defeat him in the fall. I think that fears the party because I have been open in telling them my plans. I plan on spending next week in Windsor Forest and the following weekend at the Prairie Village Little League. I think that to beat Mr. Hawkins I must carry Windsor Forest, Prairie Village and Villa Anna Subdivisions. I have talked at many different events and I think most of the candidates are missing the boat when it comes to where are problems lie. I agree with the bridges and the arena and the need for downtown expansion, however to make our community strong we must put partisanships aside and work to better our school system and provide a work force that best meets the needs of the 21st century. People ask me about my political experience, I reply I have the same amount of experience Mr. Hawkins had when he ran in 2002. I believe I have more common sense and I know I have more educational experiences.

There is certainly not much in the way of putting partisanship aside in order to accomplish a common good these days, mostly because I don't think we can agree on what the common good is. Dr. Thrasher has this one correct: Education is the key to job creation. How we, as a community, achieve that goal is still up in the air. But it is nice to agree once in a while, isn't it? Good luck to all worthy candidates on Tuesday.

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