Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Here's your midweek update

- The strategy of an entity going bankrupt in order to void a labor contract is a popular one these days, and the tactic is being used locally against the musicians in the Louisville Orchestra. A judge ruled today in favor of the musicians against the orchestra's board in a case where the musicians simply asked to be paid for their work. The board had obviously expected the musicians to play for free due to real or imagined financial problems, then threatened to file bankruptcy and void the negotiated agreement between the parties. The orchestra's board, sitting on a $10 million dollar endowment, is claiming they are broke and cannot afford to pay.  The contract between the orchestra and the musicians expires in May. [WFPL]

- In more positive news, a former stripper has been charged with arson and wanton endangerment after going bananas back in March. The woman, then working at Deja Vu in South Louisville, felt the other girls were stealing her customers and felt compelled to burn all of their dirty stripper-like stuff. [Herald-Leader]

- Shively's mayor and city council officially take the oath of office this Friday. [CJ]

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