Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Year-End Headlines

- During a cliche-riddled discussion with The Voice-Tribune's Angie Fenton, incoming Louisville mayor Alfred E. Neuman Greg Fischer says he will go around "testing the temperature of the community."

I will leave it to you, dear reader, to discern exactly how Fischer will be taking your temperature. Hold on to your pants, this may get weird.

- Reasons Why I Hate Insight Communications #145 and 146:  Insight Communications has offered luxury suite tickets to Metro Council members for tomorrow's UK-U of L game in the downtown arena just prior to a vote by said council members on Insight's franchise agreement. It is an agreement that strengthens the company's monopoly on cable service in Louisville and allows them to gouge residents for bad, overpriced service. [WFPL's The Edit]

This delightful nugget of info comes a day after I received a letter from Insight telling me I am now required to have a box for every single television hooked to their mediocre cable. Cable-ready sets are now obsolete, as one may soon only be able to receive cable by means of the cheap, clunky, impractical new converter box. Personally, this action makes my highly prized, under cabinet, 7 inch TV set worthless. Unless, of course, I don't mind installing a goddamned converter box on my countertop.

Since I needed to make a New Year's Resolution, it may as well be this one: I will stop watching television.

- There are tons of prefiled bills to be taken up during the upcoming legislative session by Kentucky Lawmakers, and most of them were filed by reactionary douchebags. Same old, same old. [WFPL]

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