Thursday, October 28, 2010

Donohue ruled ineligible - crashes, burns

Jeff Donohue, candidate for state representative in the 37th district, has been ruled ineligible by Jefferson County Circuit Court Judge Fred Cowan. The outcome was expected by many observers and was, in my opinion, the correct judgment. Click HERE for background on the debacle. It is a terrifying story of spectacular failure and arrogance.

Donohue's attorney has promised an appeal, the thought of which sends shivers down many Democrat's spines for it is insanely bad politics. Insanely. Bad.

Insiders familiar with the whole shebang say Donohue had it coming. They also say to "watch where he ends up" with respect to future employment. One blamed retiring incumbent Ron Weston, saying Weston "did everything else for him [Donohue], walked him around like a toddler, got him out there talking right...I guess Ron should have done Jeff's damned paperwork too."

I had high hopes for Jeff Donohue. It should have been an easy win.

Louisville/Jefferson County Democratic Party Chairman Tim Longmeyer and attorney Jennifer Moore deserve the credit for starting this trend in the first place by filing lawsuits to remove candidates that were certain losers from the ballot. Well done. You two are about as sharp as a rat’s turd in a glass of buttermilk.

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  1. While I strongly supported Donohue over Wade Hurt, I don't think the appeal is the right response. When you lose, you lose. Take your medicine.

    Good piece!