Friday, October 29, 2010

CJ takes cheap shot at Heiner, misses badly

Hitting a new low, the Louisville Courier-Journal has lobbed a cheap shot at mayoral candidate Hal Heiner. Here's the story in a nut:
Republican mayoral candidate Hal Heiner acknowledged Thursday that he neglected to inform The Courier-Journal during interviews about his private life that he married and divorced in the 1970s before marrying his current wife of 33 years.
Yes, that is it. A breathless allegation that Heiner didn't tell the CJ all about his dead ex-wife. You can read the entire non-news item by clicking HERE.

If this is the 11th hour bombshell that the folks at the once-proud CJ have been waiting to drop, they have seriously underestimated and disrespected the public. It's no wonder people don't "take the paper" anymore.

I think it shows the intense level of desperation and paranoia by the editorial board over their endorsement of Greg Fischer for mayor.  It is now clear - as if it weren't already - the CJ will PRINT ANYTHING in order to protect their interests. This event will forever mark the "low water" point in Louisville's journalistic history.I am ashamed of my hometown paper today. I really am.

So, to all this, I say: Louisville, get ready for Mayor Hal. I will certainly be voting for him.

In a related story, Greg Fischer was involved in an auto accident last month that damaged his 2009 Cadillac. The Fischer campaign is refusing to acknowledge or discuss the incident.  You can read about that HERE.

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  1. Hmmm. It seems the perception of 'cheap shot' depends on who you support for Mayor. I agree that the article was a 'who cares' moment for me. Actually, the whole election is turning in to a 'who cares' situation. I don't believe either of these guys will be worth a rat's behind. One is a Jerry clone the other is a grandstanding psuedo-con. Lord help us. T.S. Keith