Thursday, October 11, 2012

27th Annual Southwest Festival, this Saturday, October 13th at Sun Valley Community Center

Over 20,000 people are expected at the Sun Valley Community Park the weekend of October 13th for the 27th Annual Southwest Festival.

It is not only a fun event for young and old alike but it also helps Southwest Community Ministries.

The Festival will get underway at Sun Valley Park, 6505 Bethany Lane.

The Valley Women’s Club will host their Bean Soup and Cornbread Dinner on Friday, October 12th. This event is a fundraiser for the various programs the club offers in the area and will also be held at the Sun Valley Community Center.

On Saturday, October 13th the Festival runs from 9:00am until 5:00pm. The day will feature the Southwest Car Fest coordinated by River City Street Rods. The car and motorcycle show, Kid City, Teen City, arts & crafts, food booths, "Toddler Town" and a senior tent are just some of the highlights of the weekend.

“It is just a fun day,” says Councilman Rick Blackwell (D-12). “The great thing about this Festival is people come out to enjoy the fall weekend and enjoy themselves.”

The event is also an opportunity to help those in need. At 8:00am, on Saturday morning, Southwest Community Ministries will host their Annual Pancake Breakfast. “The Ministries continue to serve many in our community who need a helping hand. The pancake breakfast is a great way to help this group with funding especially with the holiday season not too far away,” says Councilwoman Vicki Aubrey Welch (D-13).

“This Festival defines the spirit of our community and brings a wide range of people together for a celebration of our community spirit,” says Councilman David Yates (D-25).

Free shuttle service is available on the grounds to assist those who may need help getting to the car show and other festival events.

For more information about the Southwest Festival, call 368-1196 or visit the Festival website at


  1. Free shuttle service to/from where?????

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    2. Everyone is a critic.

      Why don't you do what the article says and call for more information? Perhaps they could help you?

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  2. I wish they didn't have so much church and Jesus freaks there pressuring everybodys kids into their religion plus thos Mary Kay women ain't supposed to be selling that stuff like that at a festival booth against Mary Kay rules. And too much politics to go with the religion. It don't bring many people together when you only got the stuff that divides folks. Suppose to be a community event?
    whose the band? i never heard of them. not being hateful or complaining. i go every year and its getting to be sort of a let down every year. Ever since people like Cris Thenaman try to shut it down it seems to get worse.
    just my 2 cents.